Still warms us with its gentle warm rays of the summer sun, but autumn wardrobe think it's time. And one of the most popular fall women's wardrobe is, of course, the jacket. About what will be fashion jackets fall 2012. tell the country of the Soviets.

Jacket among all items of women's clothing takes a special place. In jackets, you can walk at any time of the year, they are well protected from wind, cold, rain. Autumn jackets are in demand most, because the weather in the autumn months is very unpredictable, and you should try to provide for any of its whims.

Trendy jackets for autumn 2012 include a wide variety of materials, styles, colors, finishes. Will be found in the fashionable autumn models of jackets and options for natures refined and feminine, and options for women sports, who value primarily convenience and practicality in clothing.

Fashion jackets fall 2012: materials

Leather jackets autumn can rightly be called the most popular   among the jackets of all other materials, because the skin is both practical and very decorative at the same time. In a leather jacket, you can go outside in the rain, in a strong wind - it will be warm and cozy.

In addition to the skin in a fashionable autumn jackets this season of the popular materials such as warm tweed, boucle, wool. And still very fashionable is considered in this season a combination of different materials. So, for example, a fabric jacket with leather inserts is a trend of the season.

Fashion jackets fall 2012: styles

The fashions of fashionable autumn jackets in the 2012 season are very diverse.In the trend and shortened, and elongated models and models with belt. Especially interesting short jackets inflated with an emphasis on the waist: they are perfectly emphasize the slim figure.

The main trend in the designs of jackets, the fashion this fall — sleeve of three quarters, and even shorter. These jackets are better to choose for warm weather, they will look great with long gloves.

It should also be noted thatfashionable in this season are jackets, parks, military-style jackets. Such jackets will suit women who prefer comfort.

Fashion jackets fall 2012: colors

Color palette a fashionable autumn jackets season autumn 2012 is also pleased quite a lot of variety. In fashion and just black color, and a variety of taupe shades, and rich shades of brown, purple. Not left unattended and bright colors: blue, red, yellow, green. Always a popular classic color, such as beige.

Interestingly, fashion in the autumn season 2012 jackets do not have to be plain. On the contrary, multi-colored combinations are welcome. So, jackets are popular in the style of "patchwork", as if sewn from multicolored scraps of fabric. Such jackets will be to the liking of the natures cheerful, merry, courageous.

Thus, autumn jackets   this season you can pick up for every taste. Do not be afraid to experiment and try on new unusual models, perhaps they will suit you the best way!