Still warms us with its gentle warm rays of the summer sun, but autumn wardrobe think it's time. And one of the most popular fall women's wardrobe is, of course, the jacket. About what will be fashion jackets fall 2012. tell the country of the Soviets.


Trendy jackets for autumn 2012 include a wide variety of materials, styles, colors, finishes{!LANG-045a056b46cac31c5b2112bbf255eb57!}

Fashion jackets fall 2012: materials

Leather jackets autumn can rightly be called the most popular{!LANG-80623571b516d3ae3182cf39e578e225!}

In addition to the skin in a fashionable autumn jackets this season of the popular materials such as warm tweed, boucle, wool{!LANG-ceab24cd0cb1a5eb504b68e623083990!}

Fashion jackets fall 2012: styles

{!LANG-af5e7a38eebfc6d846441ab710d4b0d0!}In the trend and shortened, and elongated models and models with belt. Especially interesting short jackets inflated with an emphasis on the waist: they are perfectly emphasize the slim figure.

The main trend in the designs of jackets, the fashion this fall — sleeve of three quarters, and even shorter{!LANG-6c0d9482460b03408f563dfe663b9b62!}


Fashion jackets fall 2012: colors

Color palette a fashionable autumn jackets season autumn 2012 is also pleased quite a lot of variety. In fashion and just black color, and a variety of taupe shades, and rich shades of brown, purple. Not left unattended and bright colors: blue, red, yellow, green. Always a popular classic color, such as beige.

Interestingly, fashion in the autumn season 2012 jackets do not have to be plain{!LANG-583d7dab1c7d2ba39c84e15a56307a31!}

Thus, autumn jackets{!LANG-55351765c33ca2503f4fb89a13b511dd!}