Dress is deservedly considered one of the most feminine items of clothing. Dresses appropriate for the office or on the go, on a date and at a party. So stylish and fashionable dress (better not one) — must have of the coming season. Talk about what will be fashionable dresses fall 2012.

Fashionable dresses autumn 2012: styles

The season autumn-winter 2012-2013 sends us in the past: in fashion are styles that were popular a few decades ago. Lovers of retro will surely enjoy dress in the style of the sixties with flared from the waist skirt and cropped sleeves. Often in such models there is no collar. If you don't want to travel that far in the past, you can choose a dress in the style of the eighties with a fitted silhouette and broad shoulders (Raglan or pointed).

In General, the choice of styles this season is very wide, it is not limited to models in retro style. In the fall of 2012 will be in fashion like elegant long dresses so shapeless and sloppy model. Preferred length dresses this fall — low MIDI. This does not apply to ultra-trendy this season's voluminous dress length mini sweaters that are offered to wear with leggings.

For special occasions you can purchase a dress in ethnic style. If you are not a lover of romantic dresses, you can buy a dress in the military style. Another popular trend of the season dress with a voluminous skirt-a bell. additionally decorated with pockets in the hips.

In the office you can wear an elegant sheath dress for everyday life perfect trapeze dress with a round collarless neckline and slightly flared hem.

Fashion emphasis this season — sleeve dress. Mostly designers prefer cropped sleeve three quarters or flip lantern sleeve, but found in the autumn collections and dresses with short sleeves or without sleeves at all. Wearing such a dress is supposed with capes and elegant long gloves.

Another popular model of the season autumn-winter 2012-2013 — peplum dresses. draping at the waist hides figure flaws and gives her a special grace. Fashionable dresses fall 2012 peplum usually have a classic cut and long sleeves.

Fashionable dresses autumn 2012: materials, colours, finish

Bright colors and extravagant prints left in the summer season. Of course, many designers continue to use the beloved women animal prints, floral patterns, geometric and abstract patterns. but even decorated with prints of autumn dresses still look restrained summer.

The color scheme of the dresses. offer in autumn 2012 — winter 2013, rich enough, but it lacks the bright "acid" colors. Lovers of classical solutions should pay attention to the black, white, grey and red dresses.

Also in fashion will bedresses in the following colors. coral, cream, pink, turquoise, mustard, olive, deep shades of blue, purple, Burgundy colors. Accessories it is advisable to choose one color with the dress.

The materials of which are sewn fashion dresses 2012 fall, are also quite diverse. For the warm days of early autumn are perfect lightweight models made of delicate satin and silk, flying chiffon, delicate lace. reminding us of the summer.

With the cold you can go to the dresses made of warmer fabrics. For everyday wear perfect tweed, wool, cashmere, knitted fabrics, suiting. Also in Vogue are knitted dresses. But for special occasions you can purchase the dress from noble velvet or a bold jacquard.

But the real hit of the season — leather dress. Bold ladies are encouraged to wear skintight leather, more modest trapezoidal. Also very impressive looking fall dresses, fur trimmed.