Little black dress created by Coco Chanel is the most versatile piece of women's wardrobe. It can be worn even in the office, at least for a walk, at least to the party, at least for the reception — if you choose the right accessories. What to wear with black dress?

Before you figure out what to wear with a black dress, let's go deep into its history. Coco Chanel invented this dress in 1926 in memory of the lost lover. Chanel's dress covered the knees that the fashion designer considered the ugliest part of the female body. It was quite simple - with long narrow sleeves, a semicircular neckline, an accent of cutting at the waist and without any excesses.

The rebirth of the little black dress can be considered refined and elegant dress by Hubert de Givenchy. which was worn by Audrey Hepburn in the image of Holly Golightly in the cult film "Breakfast at Tiffany's." According to ZHivanshi, a small black dress can be above the knee, the sleeve can be short or absent altogether. The accent of the cut still remained on the waist.

The modern version of the little black dress is not like the classic. now the dress can be above the knee, it is possible to use different types of collars, frills, laces and other decorative elements may be present. But, nevertheless, this dress still remains a universal garment, on the basis of which you can create a huge number of different images.

So little black dress is a basic wardrobe staple. Theoretically it can be combined with anything, but in practice you still have to adhere to some rules, so that the created ensemble emphasizes the dignity of your appearance, hides shortcomings and looked appropriate in this or that situation. The black dress itself does not say much about its owner, but the choice of accessories can say a lot about it.

Coco Chanel offered to wear a little black dress with thin stockings, closed shoes, a small handbag and fine jewelry (in any case not massive and heavy). The reference is a combination of a little black dress with jewelry of pearls — two or three long strands of smaller pearls at the neck, small earrings-pulsetime. Givenchy  allowed wearing a black dress with large ornaments, but in this case, the decoration should be only one.

Now, of course, the options of wearing black dresses much more, but there are some General rules we should follow so that your image won't be too boring. First, try not to wear a black dress with a black blazer or jacket  - in such a combination, it is simply lost, and you will look dull enough. A good combination will be a combination of a black dress with a bright jacket and shoes and a handbag in tone. If you still decide to wear a black dress with a dark jacket in the office, be sure to choose a bright accessory - a scarf or scarf.

Second, do not wear a black dress with leggings. The classic little black dress wore only thin stockings or tights. More modern models can quite be combined with a dense or openwork tights (unless, of course, this allows the style of the chosen, as well as the style and material of the dress), but leggings are still not the best choice.

Third, do not overdo it with accessories. The harder the dress is, the less accessories there are. With a small black dress is not too good look large volume bags, an abundance of massive ornaments. Also, do not do too complicated a haircut and too bright make-up - all the charm of a little black dress in its brevity, which in any case should not be broken.

Generally, what to wear with black dress — up to you, relying on your own sense of style. Of course, it is worth taking into account the above tips, but sometimes a conscious violation of fashion rules helps to create a truly eye-popping image!