How to wear loafers with or without socks Loafers — very comfortable casual shoes, no wonder they are so popular among women and among men. Loafer is quite versatile, however this does not mean that they can be combined with absolutely any clothing. What to wear with moccasins?

Originally, loafers were called the traditional leather shoes of American Indians, made of rawhide. This shoes as a prototype of the modern moccasin — lightweight shoes unisex style of soft leather or suede. its cover reminiscent of traditional Indian moccasins.

The Indians hardly thought about what to wear with loafers, because some of the monotony of clothing. The owners of the same modern moccasin this question is raised quite often. The answer will be slightly different depending on, what kind of moccasins are talking about male or female .

What to wear with men's loafers?

Men's loafers are informal shoes, so they should not be worn with business suits and parade. If you want to soften the formality of a business suit instead of the Shoe better wear Derby, with open lacing. Also, moccasins are not too well with beach shorts and sportswear.

It is also worth remembering that loafers summer shoes, not boots. They look clumsy together with warm outer clothing — coats, coats, warm jackets, etc.

So what to combine loafers for men? The ideal option short pants, jeans (they can be cuffed so they opened the ankle, but this is not required) or lightweight summer trousers made of linen. You can also wear moccasins with denim shorts above the knee. As a top fit t-shirt, Polo-shirt or normal shirt with short sleeves.

Can I wear moccasins with socks? Traditionally, loafers are worn without socks, especially if wearing them with shorts or cropped trousers. If the moccasins on his bare feet too uncomfortable, you can wear a cropped socks that are not visible when you put on shoes.

If these socks are not suitable for you and you still want to wear loafers with the usual socks, then, firstly, you need to wear jeans or pants of normal length, not shortened, and, secondly, socks should be matched to the color of the pants. and not the color of the shoes. White and black socks, by the way, the moccasins to combine desirable.

What to wear with women's loafer?

The diversity of the female wardrobe allows you to create a lot of stylish images with the moccasin, but the basic rule remains inviolable: loafers cannot be combined with clothes in a strict business style, and frankly sports clothes. In other cases, the decision whether to put on loafers with a particular outfit will depend on style, color and trim moccasin .

Women's loafers go well with shorts, breeches and short pants. On top you can wear a tank top, t-shirt, Polo-shirt, shirt or t-shirt. If the weather is cool, you can complement the outfit with a blazer, trench coat or cardigan.

Also loafers perfectly combined with jeans of various styles (straight, cropped, skinny) and linen pants. Amateur perky youth style can combine loafers with a suit.

Some models of moccasins can wear with dresses or skirts to create a romantic image. In this case, it is better to choose a skirt or dress made from flowy fabrics and moccasins, embroidered or beaded. Another version of the romantic attire — moccasins, in combination with a tunic and light pants.

Women's moccasins, as for men, it is undesirable to wear with socks, for women this also applies to tights and stockings. Another tip for both men and women: don't wear plain black loafers. it is a sign of bad taste. The moccasin was thought of as informal shoes, so classic black color in this case is not welcome unless he is "diluted" with applique, embroidery or another type of finish.