Country style (the style of Western or cowboy style) has long ceased to be associated only with fancy-dress party in style of the Wild West. Clothing country be entirely suitable for everyday wear — unless, of course, well up the ensemble. What characterizes country style in clothing.

Clothing country   attractive because it looks original enough, while remaining very comfortable. The country style in clothes is created on the basis of the costume of the so-called American pioneers, who at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century mastered the territory of the Wild West.

The most recognizable items of clothing in country style   - this, of course, cowboy boots, shirts in a cage and cowboy hats with curved margins. Cowboy boots are easy to recognize at first sight thanks to the low rigid bootlegs in the form of a pipe, slightly narrowed toe, heel of medium height and loops ("ears") on the bootlegs for a more comfortable fit. Often these boots are decorated with embossing or decorative stitches.

Other the basic elements of cowboy style   - this:

  • long skirts (two main variants: slightly flared narrow skirt of dense materials or a ruched waist wide skirt which can be stacked)
  • bright gingham dresses and airy tunics
  • blouses and dresses with sleeves or puff
  • leather and denim corset
  • leather vests
  • denim, preferably Indigo
  • leather pants and skirts
  • straight or flared pants and jeans
  • poncho
  • knitted sweaters and cardigans.

Of course, modern clothes country different from the one actually worn by American settlers. For example, women's dresses of that time were quite modest: skirts in the floor, covering the elbows of the sleeves, chaste collars-racks. Modern skirts and dresses in the country style can also be short, and neckline in general has become almost an indispensable element of style.

Clothing in country style often decorated with fringe, embroidery or embossing, and female — light and lace and flounces. Typical accessories in a country style — wide straps made of leather with large buckles, slouchy leather bags with natural colors, scarves.

In General, naturalness — one of the key concepts of country style. Naturally, the American immigrants did not use synthetic fabrics and artificial materials, and only natural dyes were used for coloring the fabric. Therefore, country clothing is made from natural fabrics: linen, denim, wool, tweed, tartan. Also used are genuine leather and suede, knitted knitwear.

Colors are also quite natural. There are various shades of brown, gray, beige and ocher tones, as well as white and shades of blue. Clothing can be decorated with a pattern, most often a cage, as well as peas and a small floral print.

No cost country style without any decorations. Naturally, no plastic jewelry: only metal, wood and natural stones. Of metals, the most commonly used are cupronickel, copper and silver (plain or blackened). Accessories can be quite massive.

Naturalness in the country style extends to makeup and hairstyle, so this style will surely suit those who do not like spending hours in front of a mirror, suggesting a marathon.Natural makeup is the key to creating a successful image, country-style. Even tone of the face, a slight blush and a slight emphasis on the eyes. Over the hair, too, do not work long: make a tail or braid, or you can just leave your hair loose. To decorate the hairdo, you can use bandages, ribbons and laces.

Country style in clothing need to be used carefully: if you from head to toe dressed in such clothes, you are risking to look funny, because "cowboy" attire are not appropriate in any situation. Best to combine elements of country style   with clothes in casual style.