Greyhound English Greyhound dog. As with other dog breeds of a family of greyhounds, greyhounds is characterized by a high movement speed: roll speed of the Greyhound can reach up to 90 km/h! What the features of this breed of dog and what the care required by the greyhounds will tell you the country of the Soviets.

The Greyhound is a strong, fast animal. The growth of these dogs is 71-76 cm  for males and 68-71 cm for females. The greyhounds weigh, as a rule, about 25-40 kg. The Greyhound dogs are intended for hunting, running, exhibitions, and outwardly the greyhounds of hunting, running and exhibition will differ from each other quite differently.

So, for hunting purposes, the greyhounds should have strong muscles. which allows not only to catch up with the quick game, but also to catch it. Valued in hunting Greyhounds also maneuverability, endurance.

Greyhounds intended for sports races, compared to hunting, as a rule, the lighter. "Dry". They do not need to overcome complex obstacles during the run, and the duration of the races is not great. Therefore, everything in these dogs is "tuned" to achieve maximum speed.

Show dog breed-Greyhound  differ from their racing and hunting fellows by more correct proportions, grace. These dogs are not as powerful as hunting and not as fast as running, but they are still very mobile, fast.

Greyhound at home feels good, if it is provided good care. So, these active dogs need regular walks (about 3-4 times a day). It should not be forgotten that for a walk of the Greyhound should be muzzled, because the hunting instinct in this breed is very well developed, and to keep up with the Greyhound almost impossible.

To clean the wool greyhounds you need using special gloves every day, in addition, you must also once a week to comb the hair with a brush. The greyhounds diet should include meat, cereals, cabbage, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, and milk. You can also feed the greyhounds and ready dry food  or combine in the diet of food and natural products.

If the Greyhound eats natural food, it is necessary to enter in the diet calcium, vitamins, phosphorus. About every 3 months for the greyhounds need to carry out prevention of worms. In spring, greyhound dogs are treated with flea and tick remedies, and once a year these dogs must undergo mandatory vaccination.

Greyhound is a very calm, friendly dog.Greyhounds can get along with children, they don't jump on strangers, obedient to the commands of the owner. In childhood, the greyhounds, however, very playful, and so valuable things need to be sure to hide away from curious puppies Greyhound place.

Buying Greyhound is pre-determine for what purpose it will be grown the dog: requirements for puppies Jogging, hunting and show dogs are different. For example, for exhibition greyhounds one of the most important criteria of choice is pedigree puppies. because up to 5-6 knees in the genus of exhibition Greyhounds should not be either hunting or running dogs. It makes a difference when choosing an exhibition Greyhound also how, when and how many times the next of kin puppies have already participated in various exhibitions.

If dog Greyhound not chosen for show and not for racing or hunting, but simply as a companion, the choice in this case is very simple: it is enough to give the preference to a puppy whose color or a nice little face of the most liking. Greyhound will be a faithful and loyal friend, will give the owner of your love and affection. and more than a real fan of dogs and do not!