It would seem — what difficult to determine your boy kitten or a girl. He's not a bird, but a mammal, all clear and obvious. But really to know the sex of the little kitten is not so simple, and sometimes there are annoying mistakes. How to determine the sex of a kitten?

Everyone knows that to determine sex of kitten, you need to look under his tail. There are testicles - male, no - female. It's easy to say this when a kitten is short-haired, and all the primary sexual characteristics are, so to speak, "present." With kittens of longhaired breeds it is more difficult. In addition, most of the kittens-boys testicles descend into the scrotum not immediately after birth, but at the age of 4-12 weeks.

It may seem paradoxical, but a newborn kitten is easier to determine the sex than the animal, who turned a few days. In newborn kittens the wool has not yet had time to dry and rise, which means that the "review" will be better.

So, gently put the kitten on his stomach on the palm of your hand, gently lift the tail and look under it. Under the tail there will be two holes: one of them (that which is above, closer to the tail), anal and second — urinary. In females they are located practically next door. at a distance of not more than 5 mm. In males the distance is approximately 1 cm   and may increase with age.

At the age of about 10 days, when the kitten will have fluffy, determine its sex, can all be on the same distance between anal and genital openings (of females it will still be less), and also by the fact that males strip between the holes hairy and females are practically devoid of hair, "bald" .

When the kitten grows up, it will be possible to determine its sex the form of the urogenital openings. Cats have a genital opening (vulva) is a the vertical slit. which is located close to the anus.

Cats, on the distance of about cm from the anus located the scrotum with the testicles (similar to two small swellings), and just under the testicles is a hole foreskin, it small and round. We remind you that until the age of 1-4 months, the testicles may not be visible, because they have not yet had time to descend into the scrotum from the abdominal cavity.

Of course, it is easiest to determine the sex of a kitten, when it is possible to compare it with other kittens from the same litter — in most cases in a litter has kittens of both sexes, and the difference between females and males is more evident. In long-haired breeds of cats to determine the sex as soon as possible, because then the long hair close, and anal and urogenital opening, and to determine the sex of a kitten will be difficult.

Adult cats some breeds may vary in size, Constitution, form of face and even color. For example, tortoiseshell is present mainly females   (due to the inheritance of genes responsible for tortoiseshell color), and in males it is extremely rare and indicates genetic disorders.

However, to determine the sex of the animal in appearance can only be experienced breeders, and even then not always. Novice "cat person" you should not try to determine the sex of the kitten's behavior, expression and how the animal urinates. All these methods are extremely unreliable.

In fact, to determine the sex of a kitten is not so difficult. The main thing is to focus not on the presence or absence of testicles that have a little kitten may not yet be visible, and distance between anal and genital openings and their shape   (a cat has two points, a cat has a point and a vertical slot).

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Hello, I would like to ask, but how much can you trim the cats?

Usually cats are neutered from 7-8 months.

In fact, veterinarians say that from one and a half years. Sam personally spoke