Heeled shoes is a wonderful choice, but sometimes we just need to feel comfortable and to stand firmly on the ground. But want to be "in trend" and look stylish. In this case, come to the aid of relevant in the future season sandals.

Trendy materials and color

In the crazy rhythm of a big city, it's so easy to lose balance. A modern woman should do everything: work, develop, give time to the family and at the same time remain beautiful and stylish. Undoubtedly, heels will adorn any woman, but they will soon "give" her fatigue and weakness. Where is the balance of beauty and comfort? Sandals are exactly what we need. This wonderful open, non-binding movement of light shoes is the indisputable trend of the spring-summer season 2013. Judging by the new collections of world-famous designers, in the new season of women of fashion awaits a great variety of sandals. Believe me, even if you have the most demanding tastes, you can really choose the model that suits you.

Squeak of the season will be Gladiator sandals in classic black or brown, material – leather or its substitutes. The intertwining of thin leather laces looks a bit rough and brutal, but incredibly stylish. Of course, girls with a larger build should not choose this model because it will visually make your legs even more massive and "heavy". Gladiator sandals can be in the form of wellies or in a little shorter version. Clasps are mainly in the form of lightning. Relevant materials will also be all natural – cotton, burlap, linen, etc. we will Remind that the brightness is the main trend of the coming season, which affects and sandals. Choose neon and "acid" colors – pink, green, orange, yellow, blue and You will be satisfied with your choice.

Decor fashionable sandals spring-summer 2013

In order to give "flavor" sandals many fashion designers decorated them with ribbons, straps, ribbons, beautiful buckles, metal spikes and studs, beads, wooden elements, etc. also Relevant will be fine weave and designs in ethnic style. Decor allows you to look so casual and non-committal shoes to a new look, giving it a charm and sometimes festive.

What to wear with sandals?

Sandals-gladiators stylists advised to wear with clothes of light colors. And it is highly desirable that it contain one accent - an unusual detail. For example, it can be an open back, an unusual cutout shape, etc. Excellent look like these sandals and with a variety of tunics, especially calm pastel shades, in appearance reminiscent of ancient Roman togas. An unusual combination is the combination of "gladiators" and long sarafans, mostly with uneven floors or a side cut. The dress should be their lightweight natural fabric to create an airy and feminine image. Beautifully they will look sandals and with pleated skirts of maxi length. Such a skirt can be supplemented with a T-shirt with an interesting print or simply a bright coloring.

Young girls can combine sandals in the Greek style with short jeans and simple fabric shorts of different styles. The only taboo is a combination of "gladiators" with clothes of business and sports style. This is a sign of bad taste. Sandals can also be boldly combined with short dresses of different cuts, preferably monophonic or with a neutral and not too catchy print. Supplement the image will help a straw hat with wide margins and other accessories. Sandals-flip flops will be appropriate on vacation. Combine them with shorts, bathing suits and all kinds of jerseys and T-shirts. Sandals to wear with a "heavy" top, otherwise there is a disproportion of the image.