Fun multi-colored parrots are popular Pets among birds. Some fans of the birds sex of the pet is not important, but from the floor of a parrot depends not only on his nickname, but some features of the contents. Therefore, it is useful to know how to determine the sex of the wavy parrot.

It is easiest to determine the gender of wavy parrot by the color of the cere (leathery education, located in the upper part of the base of the bird's beak). Young parrots aged up to 40 days to determine the sex by the color of the cere is quite difficult, because the males and females she has a very light pink color.

But gradually the color of the cere in males and females is beginning to change. Have molodyh males (2-3 months) the cere is a bright pink-purple color and painted evenly. As it Matures it turns blue, and in adult males wavy parrot becomes a saturated blue or a bright blue color. passing through purple or violet tones.

Females under the age of 2-3 months the cere has a light whitish-blue or whitish-beige color, while she dyed unevenly on the cere has white markings. Also in young females there is a thin bright rim around the nostrils. which has no males.

Gradually, the cere of females darkens and eventually becomes pronounced brown color (in mating season) or a light beige or blue and white (after its completion). Due to stress or molting the color of the cere, the female may change to blue, but a couple of months he should be fine .

However, it is the fate of several of the nuances associated with a variety of colors budgies. At red-eyed males places (yellow color) or albino (completely white color) the color of the cere can vary from pink to bright purple. While females have the same color of the cere will remain beige.

Parrots with brightly colored feathers the cere can be painted as colorful as the bird itself, different parts can be painted in different shades of blue, white or pink. In this case, to determine the sex of a wavy parrot quite difficult, so it is best to consult a specialist.

You can also try to determine the sex of a wavy parrot by his behavior. However, this method is not very reliable, because each bird its own character. They can use except as a Supplement to the previous method.

Males budgies are more active behavior. They are noisy, jostling, trying all ways to attract your attention. If the male was in a new environment, he will try to study it.

Females are calmer than males. and prefer to observe from the sidelines, not taking part in noisy amusements. Once in new surroundings, they start to restore order in a cage, throwing out from it everything that seems to them superfluous.

Males budgies are more talented in onomatopoeia than females. their songs are longer and more intricate. Usually males are easier to teach to talk than females, but this does not mean that females are generally unable to talk. From any rule there are exceptions: there are females that are easy to start talking, and males who the conversation is not given.

It is advisable to take a closer look at the wavy parrot's wax and determine its gender when buying a bird, becausefrom the floor your pet will depend on some features of care. You can certainly ask the seller, but it is better to follow the principle of "trust but verify": unfortunately, not all sellers are competent in determining the sex of budgies.