It is difficult to argue that short haircut is the most practical option hairstyles. They are easy to care for, never interrupting, and laid much easier and faster long hair. But lately, many designers insistently recommends to grow hair, after all, in the fashion of romantic femininity – wave, tails and braids. And therefore girls with short hair should pay special attention to how relevant is their haircut in the summer and spring of 2013.

Trendy short haircuts spring-summer 2013

Classic square. One of the main trends of most short hairstyles of the spring-summer of 2013 is incredible simplicity. Therefore, the classic quads of medium length and without bangs - will be one of the most fashionable options. It was this simple, but incredibly stylish version of the haircut chosen by Rachel Taylor and Maria Pikic. The trendy version is a square with a truncated graphic bang, and designers of the more fashionable hairstyles are advised to wear a square to the side part with a slanting bang that covers the forehead or half of the face in the style of Cameron Diaz.

Haircut "bean". Such a hairstyle is one of the most popular haircuts on short hair, and in the spring of 2013 it will be incredibly popular due to its volume (which will be unequivocally in the trend next season), femininity and performance at any length. The most relevant are elongated haircuts with a strongly pronounced graduation, without bangs or with a long oblique or thick oval bang. One of the vivid examples of an oblong haircut is a bob with a fashionable careless laying can be seen on Scarlett Johnsson, and girls who do not have hair length to do this kind of hairstyle should take a closer look at the classic version of the bob with oblique bangs like Katie Holmes.

Pixie haircut. Favorite by many girls with short hair, the "boy's" haircut, like a true classic, remains relevant in the spring-summer 2013. In addition to the ultra-short classic versions for lovers of bold aggressive style, designers recommend softer and elongated versions with slightly asymmetrical locks on the crown and smooth round hair contours like that of Jennifer Goodwin. Haircuts with an elongated anterior part remain relevant, but they are noticeably replaced by more feminine versions - with an elongated occiput.

Fashionable styling short haircuts spring-summer 2013

Perm. Spring 2013 fashion dictates a gentle and romantic image, as well as to create any hairstyles for short hair is not so easy, practically your only option is a Perm. Many designers recommend to curl your hair in big curls, as did Charlize Theron on your slender quads. Anne Bowen at the last show suggested an original version of the installation Bob-Bob – ends of the models hair was curled in small curls in the back, and the rest of the hair remained smooth.

Bouffant. Massive and slightly careless naches also in the trend. If you leave naches in its natural form, you will get a bold and spectacular hairstyle, and a smooth fleece will perfectly complement the disco or retro style. At fashion shows in the spring of 2013, hairstyles with an intensively combed and laid back bang are most common. On the stars such naches can be seen on Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Langoria and Angelina Jolie.

Ruffled stacking. Actual in 2013, light negligence in hairstyles is manifested in stressed and chaotically "protruding" ends of hair. On very short haircuts, the bangs and the front part of the hairstyle are recommended to be laid so, and in longer versions one can slightly curl the ends outwards and emphasize with wax.