Each graduate approaches the choice of hairstyle for graduation I am a huge responsibility. And not in vain: this is the most important element of the image, which will be remembered by all for a long time. The average hair length is very versatile, so most girls choose it.

For this length there is a huge number of options for holiday hairstyles. More about them we'll talk about in this article. Stylists are advised to choose a hairstyle so that it perfectly harmonizes with the dress and the initial external data of the graduate. In this case, it is desirable to focus on either the dress, making a simpler hairstyle, or on a complex original hairstyle, but in this case the dress should be simpler.

Otherwise, you risk looking slightly comical or, worse, vulgar and vulgar. Remember: it's better to decorate a simple hairstyle with an interesting decoration than to make a complicated design on your head that will hardly fit a young girl. After all, in fashion, simplicity and naturalness, light negligence and airiness. Stylists advise to avoid complex elements, small curls and excessive smoothness and accuracy. For release it is possible to choose even an everyday hairstyle, but to decorate it with an unusual element of a decor or an ornament for hair.

Trendy hairstyle with a bouffant for prom 2013

The average length of hair, as if specially designed for a variety of voluminous hair and naches. These hairstyles suit any type of face, but look very stylish and beautiful, so they enjoy immense popularity among young people. Hairstyle with a bob for the prom - it's ideal if you chose a dress with open shoulders. She in this case will only emphasize the beautiful, elegant curves of the girl's neck.

Such retro options as "babette", "shell" or "banana" with a nap on the vertex will perfectly suit for the prom night. Babette - a hairstyle that is associated, above all, with the great Brigitte Bardot. This amazing hairstyle is quite simple, so it is quite possible to build it yourself, at home.

If you do not have enough hair for this hairstyle, pay attention to options such as "shell" or "banana" - here you need a length of 10-15 cm below the shoulders. The above variants of hairstyles can be decorated with a beautiful hair clip or ribbons. By the way, these high hairstyles are ideal for the full-grown girls of short stature, however, they should also pay attention to slender ones.

Variations of curls for trendy hairstyles for prom 2013

Hairstyles with curls coming from old Hollywood - what could be better for pretty, exquisite girls? This option is especially relevant for blondes. Retro laying of the 50s in the style of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe will please romantic people. Please note that this hairstyle should be selected evening dress "mermaid" cut, in order to create a full-fledged image of a chic Hollywood diva. Stricter variants of laying straight locks on one side will fit into classic monophonic dresses. Another plus of these hairstyles is that they are fairly easy to perform on their own. Try it - you should get it!

Fashionable low beam

A low beam has long since passed from the category of boring everyday hairstyles to the category of festive and elegant. Stylists strongly advise young graduates to pay attention to this option. It is desirable to make a beam in such a way that it is not ideal in form, but all its kind showed easy negligence and ease. In front of the hairstyle, release a couple of strands as if they had fallen out of the hairstyle in a natural way. This will give your holiday image a special charm and charm.