If you live two unisex hamsters in the same cage, the pregnancy of the female is almost inevitable. It does not matter if you planned breeding hamsters or if everything happened by mistake - you should know how to take care of the female during this period. How it goespregnancy of hamsters.

To determine the pregnancy of hamsters by external signs is rather difficult:the stomach becomes bigger only in the middle of pregnancy. and if a hamster has a long coat, it is almost impossible to notice it. Also in the middle of pregnancy, the nipples can become larger.

Indirect signs of pregnancy may be changes in behavior. Sometimes during pregnancy, affectionate hand hamsters can become aggressive, stop going on their hands. It also happens on the contrary: an aggressive and self-willed female becomes more compliant (although this happens quite rarely).

Also pregnancy of hamsters can be accompanied by increased appetite and drowsiness. however, sometimes the opposite can also be observed: the female becomes more active, and the appetite decreases. Everything is very individual.

If you suspect that the female is pregnant, you need to discard the male. if you have not done this before. Even if before that the hamsters lived together (which is the exception rather than the rule), during the pregnancy the female will most likely start to show aggression towards the male. This can end badly for both the male and female (depending on which of them is stronger).

Preferably move the female into an aquarium (terrarium) or a cage with a high pallet. which should be put in a quiet place. The fact is that children leaving the nest can fall out of the cage through the bars and die, so it is important to prevent such a development of events.

Pregnancy is short in hamsters: 16-19 days in Syrian hamsters and 19-22 days — Junggar. Deviations from this period are extremely rare, so if the female did not give birth within two days after the expected date of birth, there are only two options: either she was not pregnant, or something went wrong. In this case it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

Hamsters that the pregnancy proceeded normally, and the offspring was born healthy, it is very important to take care of proper nutrition during this period. Food should be varied, and it should increase the proportion of protein food. Usually hamster animal protein is given 1-2 times a week. However, the pregnancy of hamsters leads to an increase in the need for animal protein, so the female needs to give daily low-fat cottage cheese, boiled egg, low-fat boiled chicken without salt and seasonings (one thing, of course, not all at once). Alsoa pregnant female should have constant access to fresh water .

The first 10-12 days of pregnancy, the female can still be taken in hand (if it does not show aggression towards people), although it is undesirable, andin the late term hamster is better not to bother. How to determine that the pregnancy of hamsters is coming to an end? Usually the female begins to actively equip the nest.

Approximately 5 days before the intended termination of pregnancy is necessary to conduct a General cleaning in the cage. Rinse and disinfect the cage thoroughly, put a new litter and a little old (so that there is a familiar smell in the cage). Set the house (if it is large enough for the female with the offspring), put fresh food (just do not put perishables), pour clean water into the drinker. Deep bowls with water are best removed: newborn hamsters can drown in them accidentally. Also need to give the femalemore toilet paper or clean white cloths free of fragrances and dyes. so she can build a nest

The remaining days before delivery in any case do not disturb the female. let it equip the dwelling to your liking. Cleaning before the very birth of the female will perceive as the ruin of the nest and may even destroy the newborn offspring, because it will not feel safe.

How successful the pregnancy of hamsters will be is largely dependent on their owners. If you provide the female with comfortable conditions, then, most likely, she will safely be born with a healthy offspring. Of course, care for the female and calves after birth, which we described in the article "Reproduction of hamsters" is of great importance.