As if we didn't love the heat, sooner or later the cold comes and it's time we Willy-nilly think about warm clothes and accessories that will keep us warm on frosty days. Of course, apart from functionality, our clothes must also be fashionable, emphasizing individual style.

Headgear is the most important element of the image, especially in the winter. And, in really cold weather, felt and knitted hats can not perform their warming functions, so we often pay attention to knitted hats. At first glance it may seem that they are not attractive at first sight, but this is far from being the case.

That rich assortment, which is presented to date, allows you to choose the right model for even the most demanding mods. At the last weeks of Fashion Week autumn-winter 2013-2014 were presented knitted hats for different occasions. In this article we will look at the most fashionable models of the coming season.

Fashion knitted hats for women winter season-2014

Fashionable knitted hats winter of 2014, judging by the photos of designer collections, are quite bulky and very bulky structures of both bright and muted colors, often with an interesting pattern or ornament in the ethno-style. By the way, in occasion of ethno style - in a new season it will be acutely popular among knitted products, including hats.

It can be like a special knitting of one of the peoples of the world, as well as prints, inserts from fabrics, as well as embroidery and patterns. In addition, draw attention to knitted hats, made of light, fluffy thread. Such models give an image of romance and grace, which is so lacking in the harsh cold winter days.

Fashionable colors of women's hats in the season of winter-2014

In the coming season will be fashionable knitted hats of a variety of colors - from calm muted and pastel to bright and even neon. And, in the coming season, stylists insist that the colors do not match the color of the outer clothing. Ie, you can safely choose any color you like, without fear of looking somehow ridiculous or stupid.

To that, a certain contrast will create the necessary accent in the image. The most preferred colors in the new season will be rusty-red. chestnut, chocolate, white-white, gray and beige. Also incredibly popular are such shades as dark blue, especially in combination with contrasting white.

Fashion forms

Knitted hats winter 2014 is simply amazing variety of shapes and styles. However, still among them are the obvious favorites. For example, the shows of world famous designers was submitted to “ski” cap with a pompom, earflaps with fur trim or just knit, with inserts of textiles. Also very interesting it seemed to us caps that are shaped like a La Che Guevara and unusual, perky hats, socks, and hats with faces of animals or the ears of a Fox or a bear, for example.

Of course, such models are most suitable for young girls, although creative young ladies can also not bypass them. Crochet berets Even since last season, the popularity of the French headgear beret has not been quenched. It can be made of any material, including woolen threads, in knitted form. First of all women of fashion should pay attention to those models of berets, which have a fairly "loose" form and hanging from the back like a hat-a brush.

It is desirable that the knitted beret should have a bright color or a memorable, contrasting pattern. For business ladies or those who are not ready to stand out from the crowd, designers have released a whole series of black and beige knitted berets. They can be decorated with sequins or knitted flowers, choose the one that is most suitable for the occasion.