Cloth oil Many women, probably, have noticed that sweaters, blouses and dresses that have a style that can sit on its owner completely different.

And the reason for this is not the feature of their shape, namely the fabric from which the product is made. So, for those who like tight-fitting things, the fabric "micromachine" is a real find! Let's figure out what this material is, and what is so unique about its composition?

What is micromacro?

Knitwear is a mineral from the Arab Emirates. However, all synthetic fabrics from there. The main advantage of this material is a soft luster, which makes it akin to natural silk.

It is important to note that the micro-oil combines a unique combination of the two types of threads, due to which it has a high wear resistance. Moreover, this fabric gives the product an incredible comfort, in a dress made of micrometyl you will always feel comfortable. At the same time, the material is pleasant to the touch, besides, it not only perfectly emphasizes the forms, but also flows beautifully.

It is also important to add in description of material "micromacro" that it is easy to drape. As noted above, this artificial material is in appearance very similar to natural silk. Of course, micromacro not so thin, but elastic enough, and even with frequent wear, the product is not covered by pellets. To

in addition, knitwear is easy to handle, in comparison with silk, and has a more porous structure. And all this is due to the fact that it is made by the method of special weaving of the finest threads.

Composition fabric micromacro

Mikromaslo long retains its original appearance, it does not stretch, instantly dries, and direct sunlight to it is not terrible. And such wear resistance of the fabric is primarily connected with the composition. So, the composition of the micro-oil is 90% polyester, 5% lycra, 5% viscose.

In order to understand what this unique type of fabric, the basic characteristics of each of them. Polyester is a synthetic material, characterized by a special strength.

Products made of fabric, which includes polyester, do not deform and do not change their shape even with frequent washing. Moreover, this fabric perfectly passes the air, it is soft to the touch and easy to care for. Lycra is a special synthetic fiber that is used in the production of tights, stockings and losin.

In the composition with others this high-tensile fiber provides good elasticity of the fabric. Widely used lycra in the production of fabrics used to make clothes tight fitting. Viscose - fiber, created viscose method of cellulose. It is important to note that viscose is produced precisely from plant raw materials (wood pulp), but chemically.

The fabric, in which the viscose is added, is silky, hygroscopic and breathable. From viscose fibers create canvases reminiscent of the appearance of silk, a little less often flax, wool and cotton. They all absorb moisture well. Mikromaslo is obliged by durability and wear resistance to polyester, elasticity - a lycra, and brilliance - viscose!