With the onset of cold weather and the first frost every fashionista think about what outerwear to choose from in the new season.

At the same time, you want to look stylish without harming your health. Outer clothing should be not only beautiful, but also warm. Fur coats perfectly meet all these requirements.

Moreover, it can be made both from natural materials, as well as from quality artificial ones.

An amazingly feminine and elegant coat is a worthy choice in the upcoming season! But what models will be in fashion in the winter of 2014, we will try to find out further.

Fashionable fur coats winter 2013-2014

First of all, when choosing a fur coat you need to decide on the fur. In the coming season, many designers in the manufacture of fur coats used such natural furs as. red and black fox fox, llama, karakul, mouton, sable and chinchilla. The choice is quite large, however, the mink and rabbit will be the most relevant furs of the new winter-2014 season, judging by the photos of the designer collections.

Fashionable mink fur coats look very beautiful and remarkably emphasize the femininity of their possessor. Also very popular is the combination of several furs in one model. Unconventional, creatively personalities should pay attention to fur coats from colorful, bright fur.

For example, brands such as Emilio Pucci and Fendi has presented fashionable public coats pink, pale blue and cobalt shades. H2 Fashion model fur coats with blocks of winter 2013-2014 hits of the season among the coats will be coats with blocks. Moreover, the blocks can be varied and colorful, and geometric.

They can also be made of different fur or have interesting, abstract shapes. It should be noted that single-tone models, in which the fur is divided into wide diagonal bands, will become especially popular.

The original styles of women's fur coats 2014

Minimalism is always stylish and elegant. That is why fur coats in this style will become popular among women in the new season. Usually, these coats are made of beautiful natural fur, which does not require decorative additions or complex cuts, as it attracts a lot of attention by itself.

One can not fail to mention one of the trends of the next season - coats in the form of cloaks. Such models look incredibly elegant, feminine and stylish. Especially popular are very short models of fur capes, which are in fact used as a stylish accessory to the evening toilet, rather than as the main outerwear. Every fashionista in the new season is simply obliged to pay attention to interesting models of fur coats with a smell!

They do not have buckles and zips, and keep on the figure by a strap or belt of the same fur as the coat. Also, quite often, these models meet the high, elegant collars. Since last season, became popular the fur, made in patchwork technique. For the first time this model was presented in the collection of the world famous brand Fendi.

And in the new season autumn-winter 2013-2014 couturier Karl Lagerfeld presented to the fashionable audience incredibly stylish models of fashionable fur coats, which were made using fur with different hair lengths and a variety of colors.

Fashionable short winter coats 2013-2014

Long fur coats have long lost their relevance. They look cumbersome and too heavy. And, quite often, these models add years to women. Therefore, designers are strongly advised to pay attention to short fur coats up to the knee and above.

Very interesting option are fur coats, but they are again just an addition to the evening or cocktail dress, no more.