The sweater in the fashion world, introduced in 1930, the sophisticated Coco Chanel. The girls were already at that time well understood how and what to wear with a sweater.

And Merlin Monroe and the legendary director Ed Wood generally made sweaters so popular that even their new designation "sweater girl" appeared in everyday life.

Today, designers represent sweaters of a wide variety of styles and models - from synthetics and natural wool, large or small knit, monophonic or extravagant colors ...

Thanks to this variety, this wardrobe detail is perfect for working days as well as for romantic days off. In this article we will tell you what it is better to wear a sweater and what the fashionable stylists and designers advise us.

So, the stereotypes "tell" us that it is better to combine a sweater with jeans or skirts made of dense fabric. In fact, many designers offer to wear sweaters with classic things, evening skirts, sandals and even with stylish accessories.

What to wear with white sweater

Each stylist will tell you that this beautiful thing is just perfect for a classic and grunge image. Make sure: a white sweater, jeans - is not it a chic look for a spring walk? And a white sweater and a black skirt?

Agree, also an ideal image for a hard day! White cashmere sweater is well combined with a skirt in a Scottish cage. If you complement the image with black stylish boots and bright decorations, you can safely go on a date. And if you just replace the skirt with a playful print, for example, on a flared model of black color, you can go to work.

If a white sweater has a loose cut, then it is better to combine it with suede ballets and black skinnels. This look is also appropriate in the office.

A white tight sweater with an ornament looks harmoniously with mustard-colored trousers, with a dark green jacket and high brown boots. This image is not only stylish, but fresh enough for spring and summer cool evenings.

With what to wear a volumetric sweater

Wide and loose sweaters today represent the peak of street fashion. They are charmingly looking at slender girls, both in mini-skirts, and in skins, leggings and even classic trousers.

If you want to add piquancy to your image and do not know what to wear a wide sweater, we recommend that you prefer a mini-skirt with floral ornament, an extended jacket and coarse boots on a low sole.

A knitted sweater, for example, of red color, can be safely worn over a white blouse. The image will help to fill flared black skirt, brown boots and stylish clutch.

More sweaters of free cut are perfectly combined with skirts with an overstated waist. A gray wide sweater can be worn in an ensemble with a leather skirt and original silvery shoes without a heel. It is in this way that you will attract the attention of all passers-by.

What to wear with a long sweater?

An elongated sweater is a popular piece of fashion women's wardrobe, which they easily complement with stylish jeans or are generally worn as a dress. If you have a long sweater of caramel color, then it can be worn with narrow gin and fashionable boots.

It will be a luxurious image for a walk. It is important to note that an elongated sweater in combination with boots is ideal only for girls of high growth.

Long sports-style sweaters can be supplemented with a thin belt, jeans and low-heeled boots. As you can see, there are many options. Fantasize and experiment, and you will definitely get to be fashionable and attractive.