Each girl who watches herself pays a lot of time to her hair - takes care of their health and good appearance, regularly goes to the hairdresser. Going to this or that event, you often have to visit the salon, in order to beautifully style your hair. However, it's not so difficult to make a stylish and attractive hairstyle yourself.

Consider, for example, a hairstyle like a ponytail. It can be done both on short and long hair. No matter how curly or straight your hair is, the ponytail will look equally advantageous on hair of any type. There is truth one "but" in this style - the hair should be thick, and for rare hair, usually use a hairpiece. This hairstyle has many variations, it can be a tightly tightened high ponytail on the vertex or slightly tucked hair laid on its side. By adding beautiful accessories, it's easy to make festive out of this everyday styling.

Today we will tell you how to make a ponytail - an easy and beloved hairdress. This quite ordinary hairstyle takes on a solemn appearance, if it is slightly improved and added weaving. The braid, braided all over the head to the left, adds charm to this light hairstyle. Our photo instruction will show step by step execution.

Hairstyle ponytail with his hands — step-by-step photos

Use shampoo that adds volume. Safesite hair to the left side, separate a small section of hair above your left temple. Divide the strand into three equal parts and braid braid – put the left strand over the center, then the right strand over the left and continue in the same order until the end strands.

Twist the braid more tightly, so that the braid is thinner and the weaving is denser. At the end, fix the braid with an elastic band.

When you finish weaving the scythe, collect all the hair in the ponytail. Remove the elastic band from the braid and, attaching the braid to the tail, fasten everything together with an elastic band. Separate a small strand of hair from the tail and wrap it with the base of the tail, in order to disguise the elastic band. Everything, your beautiful ponytail is ready!

The ponytail is a hairstyle for every day, and for solemn events. If you personally have more than a scythe on the right side, comb the hair to the right and do everything according to the instructions, but in the mirror version. A pony tail with a fleece is one of those hairstyles that every girl can do herself.