The Scottish Terrier (Scottish Terrier) — one of the most popular breeds of small Terriers are spread almost all over the world. Despite the fun appearance, it is sturdy and strong dogs that are born hunters. What you need to know about this breed if you decide to have a Scottish Terrier?

Breed Scottish Terrier. like many other varieties of Terriers, was bred for hunting burrowing animals. From the beginning of the 19th century the directed development and improvement of the breed was carried out, the Scottish people SE Shirley and G. Murray made a great contribution to this. Thanks to them, the breed got its name, although other breeds of terriers were also bred in Scotland. In 1883, the breed standard was adopted in the UK.

Scotch Terriers were favorites of many famous people. Clown Pencil performed on an arena with an Scotch-terrier named Blot. The favorite of Vladimir Mayakovsky was a Scottish terrier named Schoen. The Scotch terriers were held by US presidents - Franklin Roosevelt and George W. Bush. And in a series of books by Enid Blyton "Five young detectives and a faithful dog," one of the main characters was a Scotch terrier named Buster.

The Scottish Terrier is a dog of small size, maximum height is 28 cm, the maximum weight is 10.4 kg. But despite its small size and funny appearance, it is muscular strong and sturdy dog with a broad and deep chest. Scotch-terriers have an elongated head (but it is proportional to the trunk) on a very powerful neck, the transition from the forehead to the muzzle is smoothed. Scotch terriers have big paws, because these dogs hunt for normal animals, which means they have to dig a lot.

The ears of Scottish Terriers are small, erect, and its tail rather short, straight or slightly curved, held high. From Scotch Terriers and a long rough coat with a soft undercoat, which is perfectly capable to protect them in any weather. Acceptable colors — black, wheat (sand) or brindle. The characteristics of the Scottish Terrier is educated long hair eyebrows, beard and mustache.

The Scottish Terrier has a great personality. This loyal and devoted dog. They are independent, restrained and have a sense of dignity. Scotch Terriers, like all hunters, are daring, but they are absolutely not typical for aggressiveness. Despite all the determination, perseverance, and even pride, the Scottish Terrier really needs the love of its owner.

The Scottish terrier is suitable for keeping both in the village and in the city. But if you keep an Scotch-terrier in a city apartment,it is very important to provide him with long walks and regular exercise. like most other terriers, Scotch terriers are very active and mobile, they need physical activity to spill out the accumulated energy.

Scotch Terriers are very smart dogs, they are well trained. Although if you believe the top list of intelligence of dogs, their ability to train below the average. To develop a new team, they need 40 to 80 repetitions, and the first time they execute the team at least 30% of the time. Scotch terriers usually do not bark without reason, although they are perfectly capable of standing up for themselves. But usually before the "showdown" does not reach: the Scottish Terrier does not lend itself to provocation and retains a sense of dignity, including when communicating with his brethren.

The Scottish Terrier can watchfully, with a slight contempt for strangers, but the family is charming and dog friendly. He gets along well with children, but he needs some time to get used to them. While the Scottish Terrier does not tolerate the familiarity of the appeal, if the children decided to make him a toy and lifting Scotty's tail or ears, he can fight back. So make sure that your child does not pester Terrier — for both of them.

The Scottish Terrier is relatively undemanding care. It should be regularly combed, periodically bathed. If the terrier has badly stained the coat, you first need to buy it, and then comb it: trying to comb the dirty coat, you will only further confuse it. After each walk you need to wash your scoti paws. Also, Scotch-terrier needs a periodic haircut (once every 2-3 months) and pruning claws.

Scotch Terriers are a healthy, but they are prone to allergies. Therefore it is very important that the dog receives a balanced diet, you should not give her food from your table. If you follow the simple rules of the content, Scotch Terrier will become a wonderful companion and friend to you.