Every girl wants to look at the first of September beautiful and attractive. The whole summer all the high school girls rested, gained strength, matured and got prettier. However, they are almost not seen with the native class, so the first day of the meeting with your classmates and high school friends want to show itself in all its glory. Without makeup there is not enough.

Basic rules of make-up Schoolgirls on September 1

The main task of this make-up is to refresh the features and emphasize the beauty of the girl's face. Therefore, despite the fact that September 1 is a very solemn day, the image of a schoolgirl should be very light, fresh, natural and refined. Evening makeup, like that of an adult young lady, in this case is completely unacceptable. In addition, there are unspoken school rules that nobody canceled even on the first of September, and the makeup in the school is not approved by the majority of teachers. Therefore, it is better not to irritate them on this wonderful day and not spoil the mood. Therefore, you need to choose something average.

Cosmetics for Schoolgirls

Any make-up, including on September 1, is impossible without a foundation. Of course, at this age most girls do not use them yet, but in this case the cream will serve as the basis on which the powder and blush will lie more smoothly, and minor defects of the person will disappear better. It is not recommended to use a dark foundation. If the face is strongly tanned, it is better to take a nourishing cream instead of a tonal one, so that the skin color does not look too dark.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of carcass, with which you can even make small cilia a wonderful fluffy frame of the eyes. There is an ink of several colors, but for a make-up of the girl on September, 1st the black color will approach is better. To make the cilia look longer and fluffy, it is recommended to coat them with powder before applying the carcass. Very good looking brown mascara, which does not attract attention, but visually lengthens the eyelashes.

Shadow for girls on September 1, choose eye color. The best choice is a soft beige, bronze and light purple shades, which harmonize perfectly with any type of skin and do not look defiant. In any case, the shadow should not be like war paint of an Indian, which will jump to the primary school pupils.

Blush for make-up on the first of September - a thing not obligatory. Almost every girl has a pleasant pink shade of young skin, which in itself is very attractive and does not require any supplement. If desired, you can apply peach or pale pink tones, which will add playfulness to the cheekbones.

Especially carefully it is necessary to choose a lipstick. School is not a University, so on September 1, makeup should be more girlish, and it did not imply too expressive big mouth. Soft sponge is exactly what a must-have for high school girls. Best gloss which will make lips attractive. Everything must breathe with youthful freshness and naturalness.

Makeup on 1 September for girls of the middle classes

High school students are the most amazing people. They are tired of children, but they did not manage to grow up yet. Therefore, girls with makeup are trying on September 1 to give their person more adulthood. But you should not turn yourself into a nesting doll! It is easy enough to tint the eyes with a few movements of ink on the cilia and apply a gentle gloss on the lips.

Makeup on 1 September for high school girls

Senior students, especially graduates, refer to this holiday in their own way. As a rule, on the first of September they make a lot of photos for the release album, so they try to impose a makeover brighter. However, this should not be done. It's much better to emphasize your natural charm with natural makeup.