When we saw Nicole Kidman walking down the red carpet at the premiere of "Venus in fur" in Cannes, we immediately wanted to replicate her awesome hair.

The photographers present at the event, who took detailed pictures, provided us with an excellent opportunity to experiment with this.

As a result, we got a slightly modified and simplified version, but still worthy of attention.

So, if you do not know what to do with medium-length hair to go out or formal celebration, we suggest you try this evening hairstyle using French braids arranged in the form of a spiral.

Perhaps the main differences of our hairstyle from Nicole's hairdress are that her hair has a naturally curly structure, so there is no need to use the means to give volume and create the effect of negligence. Our version of the hairstyle was created on straight hair, so it looks more neat.

If you want your version to be more similar to the Nicole hairdo, you need to do the texturing beforehand by curling your hair, combing it a little or using any other suitable method.

Also our option, as mentioned above, is easier to perform, so that you can recreate your hairstyle on your own hair without resorting to outside help. Do you know how to weave a French braid? - Then this evening hairstyle for medium length hair will not cause you any difficulties.

It also used a variant of weaving the French braid, the only difference from which is that the hair is added only from one side (in this case, from above). Then both braids are wrapped in the form of a spiral and pinned by pin-invisible.

Let's move on to our master class with a photo and execute it step by step.

Fashionable evening hairstyle for medium hair with their hands: step-by-step photos

1. To start the weaving, take a piece of hair on the side. If you have a fringe, you can leave it loose or weave it into a scythe - as it will be convenient for you.

2. Divide a part of the hair over your left ear into three strands and begin to weave the braid, moving the strand from right to left over the middle, then strand from left to right over middle, then right to left over middle and so on. Add small strands on top each time you weave a braid on the right.

3. Continue the braiding in such a way that the braid goes round the head in the middle of the ear. You can weave a braid fairly freely, not trying to pull it to the head, or make it tight, depending on your preferences.

4. Try to weave the braid along the above line of the ear to about the middle of the head, then by stretching the upper strands, start wrapping the scythe down.

5. Continue to weave the braid down, adding strands until they reach the right ear. Then braid the braid in the standard way down to the end.

6. Finally, fix the tip of the braid with a small, inconspicuous elastic band.

7. Return to the left and begin to weave the second braid from the remaining hair. It should be a little lower than the first.

8. Tend the second braid in the same way, adding hair from the top.

9. Wrap the braid as soon as you reach the middle of the head. This braid should not just go down, but curl up in the form of a spiral. To do this, continue to add hair to the braid from the lower part of the head.

10. As soon as you thread all the remaining hair into the braid, wedge it to the end in the standard way. Then fix its end with a small, inconspicuous rubber band.

11. Fold the lower braid with a spiral and fasten it to the head with an invisible pin.

12. Wrap the upper braid around the spiral from the lower spit and also secure it with pin-stitches.

Take note: the hairstyle options

If your hair is shorter than the hair of our models, you can tuck the tip of the top braid under the braid itself and secure it with pins-invisible. If your hair, by contrast, is longer, begin to braid the top braid above the middle line of the ear – so you'll have more space to create a spiral.

Hairstyle looks great on textured hair. It will also be easier to reproduce on hair washed up a day ago, due to the fact that they are not too soft. If you will do your hairstyle on freshly washed hair, apply a little dry shampoo or textured spray on them beforehand to improve grip.

In this case, the probability that the braid will be destroyed significantly decreases. Our hairstyle is best suited to the owners of light hair for the simple reason that the details of the hairstyle are less noticeable on too dark hair.

If you still do your hairstyle for dark hair, twist the upper braid as indicated in our master class, and from the bottom of the hair collect a simple bundle. Then wrap the braid around the beam. Hair will look almost the same as the original, but the process of creating it will be less time consuming.