Pixibob. orpixie-Bob (there are two kinds of writing), is a unique and very rare breed of domestic cat that was bred relatively recently. The main feature of these lovely creatures is that they very much resemble a small lynx.

Breed pixiebob were obtained by crossing various domestic cats with wild American and canadian cats. And all in order to get pets, who with their appearance will be very much like wild cats. And it should be noted that the breeders did it!

In the late 1980-ies, the American cat breeder Carol Ann brewer received hybrids from a litter of one kitten, which much like a small lynx. He had a short tail, like that of wild relatives. But at the same time the character of the kitten was very meek and soft. This kitten was named Pixie (which in English means "elf"). Later, the breeder decided to bring out a completely new breed of cats, which all of its kind would be similar to Pixie. In this case, a special gene material was obtained by outcrossing. And the kitty Pixie herself became not only the ancestor of the breed, but also gave her a name - pixibob ("short-tailed elf"). Further in the development of pixibobs, there were still a lot of other breeds of cats involved, but this pixibob is considered one whose pedigree starts from Pixie's cat.

Cat pixiebob looks exactly like a Jaguar in miniature. To achieve this result, wild cats were used in crossing. But do not assume that the cats of this breed have a wild temper. All exactly the opposite. Like many other breeds of cats, pixibob has a very good temper and complaisant character.

Breed cats pixiebob has its own distinctive features. For starters, this is the appearance of cats. This includes a short tail, small eyes closed, a massive chin, whiskers. All this gives the cat a resemblance to real lynxes. The structure of the cat's body also basically resembles wild cats: strong large paws, a broad chest and slightly coarse wool.

But that's not all.Pixiebob is the only breed in which the prescribed standards polydactyly (presence of extra fingers on the front legs). Thanks of polydactyly in cats creates the image of such a massive and strong legs. Cats with the fifth finger — this is a rarity, so every breeder strives to have it.

By the way, cat pixibob with poly-fingers has a different mind from other members of the same breed with normal legs. Multi-fingered cats learn much faster, show their wit. In general, if you have caught a multi-fingered cat, you can consider yourself lucky.

It is necessary to tell about the nature of these cute cats separately. Pixibob is a kind and non-aggressive cat. She is very disciplined and clean. Not inclined to "ruin" flowers or spoil furniture. Yes, and bore their meow very rarely. Because of crossing with wild cats, pixibobs have excellent health.

Wool pixiebob is very soft and silky, not prone to stalling. It is very easy to care for the coat: it is enough to comb the animal from time to time. Also piksibob practically does not shed. Moulting is not very pronounced and occurs only once a year. By the way, pixibobs are represented in two varieties: short-haired and long-haired cats.

Despite all these positive qualities, piksibob has some disadvantages. To start is to consider that these cats are very conservative. They don't like moving. Any change of location for them great stress. It is for this reason pixibob so little in other countries. And it is worth considering that pixibob is American heritage, which is why Americans try not to give specimens to other nurseries.

Another negative quality pixiebob is its quick savagery. If this cat has little to communicate, and especially in childhood, the animal becomes wild (the genes make themselves felt). To avoid this development, try to take the kitten as often as possible.

In all other respects contain the pixiebob is a pleasure. Pixibob is unpretentious to eat. He gets along well with other animals and people. He never tries to show his domineering character and does not make himself a leader. Also this cat is very careful. It is not peculiar to recklessness, so the pixiebox will not go to another person, but from the dog it will hide right away.