Summer and beginning of autumn is the perfect time that you can give up many modern means, and back to a natural primordial roots. Much the same is true of cosmetics.

The warm season gives us the opportunity to use all sorts of vegetables, berries and fruits as cosmetics, which can give the skin beauty and healthy.

One such berry is a watermelon. He is able to give not only the joy of great taste and freshness, but also can enrich our skin with various vitamins. Face mask of watermelon has the property of making the skin more elastic, fresh, and can also lighten pigment spots and to remove freckles. Holders of oily skin by using watermelon can get rid of acne.

Mask for oily skin

It will take the watermelon and its seeds. They need to dry, peel and chop. In seeds to add a bit of warm water, and turn them into mush, which apply by massaging movements on the face. You can call it a kind of face scrub, which is great to cleanse oily skin. After a few minutes, this mask should be washed off, and applied to the skin the egg white that you need to whip into foam. When the egg white dries, it must not be washed very hot water. This procedure is great to cleanse the skin and freshen it, and give the vitamins.

Mask for aging skin

For this mask you will need the flesh. It must take quite a bit and mix with honey to make a pretty viscous consistency. After the mask you smear the face, which before that need to have a good clean. Keep the mixture of watermelon and honey on the face can be no more than 20 minutes. It will perfectly moisturize the face and give it elasticity, which significantly reduces the number of wrinkles.

Another mask for aging skin

It is necessary to take the gauze, which a few minutes should be placed in watermelon juice, so she gave them a good soak. After the napkin is to be applied on the face and neck area, and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Then, the gauze need to be removed from the face, and to wash without hot water. This procedure refreshes and gives elasticity aged skin. It is able to reduce the number of wrinkles, and make sure that you will be able after a few treatments. They can be repeated daily, or every other day.

Watermelon is capable of moisturize dry and delicate skin, only it must be applied not independently, but in combination with banana. So, the pulp of watermelon to mix with pulp of banana. The ratio should be 2:1. The mixture apply on face, and soaking her to the skin no more than 15 minutes, and then rinse. The water should be very cold, but not hot. The same procedure can be done for oily skin, just a banana will need to be replaced with kefir or yogurt.

Whitening mask

For those who want to give a more aristocratic appearance, making your skin lighter can be cleaned daily face peel of watermelon. Of course, it should be done inside of the peel, not the outside. Repeat the wiping can, until you feel that you have achieved the desired result. And it will be noticeable already after a few days.


To give the skin tone will help the following ingredients: egg yolk, half spoon of semolina, boiled in milk, honey, watermelon juice, and salt and vegetable oil. All of this need to mix and turn into a homogeneous mask. Impose mixture on your face should be about half an hour, a little less. The effect is simply stunning, it will be noticeable after the first procedure.

Face mask of watermelon is a great cosmetic tool that is available to all our beauties in the summer and fall. You need not to miss this time and to use the gifts of nature to improve your appearance.