Shoes and shoes in general - the weakness of any fashionista. They are matte, lacquered, lacy, monochrome and variegated, in retro, techno or punk style, with a massive heel, on a platform or an elegant hairpin. To determine the choice, you need to have behind your shoulders a huge baggage of studied catalogs with photos and prices, as well as a cold heart and a strong will. So, what styles and color solutions are relevant for fashion shoes for the new year 2014?

  • The main attribute of festive outfit had moderate elegance.

Therefore, lacquered shoes of bright colors are unlikely to be harmonious. More appropriate models are cold (light green or blue shades), corresponding to the color trends of the coming year of the Blue Wooden Horse. Classics are always a win-win choice: beige high-heeled shoes or black sandals on the platform are flawless in all circumstances, if combined with a festive dress.

  • Question the heel height does not impose any restrictions.

If you like hairpins, supplement the New Year dress with the appropriate shoes, if you prefer a steady heel, no one will condemn you for it. It is worth remembering that excessive frankness will be inappropriate. Large pins or high heels are acceptable with midi / maxi-length skirts, mini dresses are better combined with heels of medium height.

What shoes will be trending in 2014

Demonstrate your enlightenment in fashion business, taking note of the well-known slippery trends of the coming year:

  • The real sensation of 2014 promise to be loufery.

These shoes have already brought the audience to the heart. In the 70s, closed shoes with a high-raised toe and a flirtatious heel of medium length were the dream of the most discriminating and demanding fashionistas. Shoes are charming with its simplicity, ease and practicality - that the time of unrestrained dances was especially appreciated.

If as a key element of the Christmas outfit you chose Laufer, the whole image can be styled with the usual for this footwear times. Blue slim-fitted mid-length dress, patterned nylon stockings, and beige laughery will be a wonderful evening dress for a Christmas party.

  • Astronomist back in fashion!

Beautiful women's shoes for the New Year recognized once the classics of business style - shoes with pointed noses and high hairpin. Such models once again flaunt themselves on the pages of catalogs and demonstrate themselves in all its glory on the main European catwalks of shoe elegance. Especial popularity is predicted by sensual flowers: dark coral or bard, brown or blue tones are relevant. To combine such "sharp" beauty can be with dresses cut a case or with maxi-skirts, providing a deep decollete - and guests are not only jumping from the candor of the cutout.

  • Among the actual Shoe ideas 2014 is listed brutality.

Shoe styles will be popular, as close as possible to male models. New-fashioned brutal women's shoes will be given only by more elegant noses - slightly elongated and narrowed. This option is hardly suitable for solemn occasions, but forget about masculinity as a trend for the upcoming season is not worth it.

  • Another model that girls can not remain indifferent, despite the fashionable taboo – shoes with lace ruffles.

The already defined frames of femininity and elegance fully allow such a variant of festive footwear for the new year 2014. Remember that picking up a dress for lace shoes will be quite troublesome. If you decided that evening shoes on the occasion of the New Year's holiday must certainly be bright and elegant, pay attention on the model with rhinestones or straps.

However, do not sparkle whole, like a Christmas tree - decorated with stones or rhinestones dress excludes from the evening toilet shiny shoes. Can not keep from all sorts of bows, flowers and pebbles? As part of the festive style, a black and white shoe shine will help you. In a strict color performance, any combination of bugles, rhinestones, patterns and accessories will look elegant.