The tick bites are quite dangerous for dogs, because ticks can be carriers of disease pathogens, for example, piroplasmosis. Instead of worrying over the health of the pet, after the dog was bitten by a tick. it is better to save an animal from the vinegar. For this there are special funds from ticks for dogs .

Going to nature, we be sure to buy insect repellents to protect themselves from insects. But on our smaller brothers we often forget, but in vain: the ticks will bite, if only this "someone" was warm-blooded. To use animals for human repellents not recommended. so you need to purchase special means from ticks for dogs that will protect your pet from attacking ticks.

The choice of drugs for ticks is large enough, but leading dog breeders prefer a drop that scares off parasites, such as Advantix. The effect of the drug comes fairly quickly. Against fleas, the drug begins to work instantly, against ticks, mosquitoes and blood-sucking flies a few hours after treatment, as the drug should be evenly distributed throughout the body of the animal. Drops destroy from 98.5% to 100% of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and bloodsucking flies preventing them from biting the dog. And this is the most important thing - not to allow the parasite to bite

The effectiveness of the tools depends on how much time has passed since the application. Therefore, it is necessary to apply acaricidal agents regularly (the frequency of application should be indicated on the package or in the instructions, usually it is once every few weeks). The frequency of treatments for ticks should be increased if you often wash a dog or it is bathed in natural water bodies.

If you are going with a dog to the nature, the agent needs to be applied 2-3 days before, and not at the last minute. This is done because the funds begin to act not immediately, but in a day after treatment.

Protective means against ticks need to be bought only in veterinary pharmacies or pet stores. Buying such a tool, be sure to pay attention to the integrity of the package, check the expiration date. There must be an instruction for use in Russian, which must be strictly adhered to.

If you chose a drop on the withers, the packaging should strictly match the weight of your dog. They should be applied on the withers (a place on the spine between the shovels, the highest point of the back of a calmly standing dog). The place of application is not chosen by chance: the withers are the place to which the dog can not reach the tongue and lick the drops. Gradually, the active ingredients of the remedy will spread along the dog's fur.

Spray is applied to the whole body of the dog, pushing the hair with hands. Particularly carefully it is necessary to process the places that the mites "love": the head (especially the area behind the ears), the groin area, the armpits. Muzzle and ears should be wiped with a spray-wetted fleece. The processing of long-haired dogs takes twice as much spray as for the treatment of short-haired dogs. After applying the spray, go with the dog for a walk and let it run.

On some means of ticks in dogs there is a contact allergy. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say in advance whether your dog will have an allergic reaction to this or that remedy. If you know that your dog is prone to allergies, be sure to consult a veterinarian before buying an acaricidal medication. It is very important to buy really high-quality products from established firms (for example, Front Line, Stronghold, Advantix, Advocate, Bars, etc.) and beware of fakes.

Once again: no cure for mites is unable to guarantee 100% protection from the bites of these parasites. So after each outing be sure to inspect your dog. If the mite still managed to bite her - carefully remove it and treat the antiseptic bite place or take the dog to the vet. Remember: your dog's health is in your hands!

Thank you for the article. What drops on the withers could you advise? Veterinarian recommends Vekra 3D as one of the best. Does anyone have any experience using this tool?

Of the listed in the article tried almost all the means, settled on Barça. While no bloodsucking parasite was picked up (TTT). They have drops and spray. I believe that the spray is more effective, as it is applied to the entire body. Well, if there are a lot of ticks. You can combine drops and spray, the main thing is not to apply them in one day.

I quote Nicholas II:

Thank you for the article. What drops on the withers could you advise? Veterinarian recommends Vekra 3D as one of the best. Does anyone have any experience using this tool?

Do you mean Vectra 3d? Good drops, I've been using them for two years already. Quality pleases

Useful article, thank you! I usually buy a Leopard in a pipette. After him I calmly let the dog run around the park and near the pond. Mites on it have never been seen) PS Such a dog on the bottom photo, mimic)))

Pretty good collar from the Foresto ticks. I myself buy it for my pet. Very conveniently, put on a collar and forgot about this nightmare. And then before often they could pick up mites, and there were fleas.

I quote Nicholas II:

Thank you for the article. What drops on the withers could you advise? Veterinarian recommends Vekra 3D as one of the best. Does anyone have any experience using this tool?

I would advise against fleas and ticks to prevent drops of Advantix. They have to be the withers the dog to dig. The important thing is that they do not allow the insect to bite the dog. When an insect hits the coat of the dog, parasite, disturbed coordination, and he falls with her.

I can not understand, help or assist, what agent from ticks all taki the most safe for a dog?

Personally, in my opinion, it is more convenient and safer to use the drops of advantix. I'll explain why. Most drugs work through a bite, now imagine how much it can be dangerous for the animal. But the advantix bite does not allow, frightening off the insect even before it has time to bite.

And us advantix in these May saved. I have a beaver york. He was still running around the garden, apparently he found the mite. But this parasite did not have time to bite him, but fell off him as paralyzed. That's proved to be an advantix in action.

Yes, it is necessary to buy, but it's already the middle of May, and I only dripped to Businka in early April, I completely forgot. We just seldom walk, she mostly goes to the diaper.

And us advantix in these May saved. I have a beaver york. He was still running around the garden, apparently he found the mite. But this parasite did not have time to bite him, but fell off him as paralyzed. That's proved to be an advantix in action.

This is cool. It is necessary to try these drops

We also use Advantix for a long time, a good tool, it does not work through a bite-it's very important for me. They contain permethrin and imidacloprid - these substances protect against all kinds of ticks and other flying parasites. I prefer to treat a dog and not be afraid for it.

Last year we used Vectras 3D drops. Sprays and collars, we could not, because it was the parrot that walked and flew around the apartment and in particular riding on the dog. Tick only saw and did when he slowly stroked from the top crawled.
Read about the different active ingredients in different preparations that somehow dumb to use any other drug, as this already know, and know that it is effective. To change I'm not going just recently read one topic, and there were a lot of reviews about other drugs and therefore began to compare. Don't know, I really like the Vectra, and to use, and how it works on these mites. The principle of operation is that after treatment, the active ingredients in Vectra 3D are accumulated in the epidermis, hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the dog and have a long lasting contact means action, preventing the bites of the parasites.
So read and choose carefully the preparations for protection!

I shot from the dog three days in a row the previous autumn, although the air temperature was plus three I thought there were no mites anymore .. I dropped the drops of germanium, I do not remember the name, I still have a pipette, but the name was worn out there, with a predominance of green color, and the expensive did not help the drops. Crawled on it, I took ticks for 10 pieces for three days in a row. Then we went to the clinic, they left us there, handed over the tests, pyroplasmosis was not confirmed, but they advised the French Vectra 3d drops to try, they said that of course 100% of the protection will not give one drug, but the vector by 95% gives protection exactly, strictly according to the instructions. In general, we bought it, processed it, until the end of the season, or what they did not grab, and for the next season too. This year, we have already processed it, so sometimes you listen to what you are advised in clinics, sometimes it's worth it. Be more careful.

Ticks have already started to bite and a lot of them this year.
We usually use any one tool spreem or collar. In the first half of April wore collars, then treated with spray. Even before I tried the drops but they also like that we didn't fit in, with all these means of catching mites and not one. Then they began to use drops Vectra 3D, we liked most of all and most importantly ticks more are not caught.
By drop, the main thing to process is the instructions. In the package, three pipettes with an applicator, each package has its own weight category, it is not possible to make a mistake with the dosage. Vectra is applied to puppies from 7 weeks. The application is simple and convenient, the main thing is to remember the date of the last processing that would not miss it. This drug has a wide range of actions, so it protects not only from tick and fleas, flies, mosquitoes. Vectra can be used even in the season if the fleas appeared, it destroys them within two hours, but it is necessary to process the dog's treatment field or lay a new lounger, the flea eggs have the properties to fall and thus wake longer with them to fight.

The theme is very meaningful to me. I live near a forest, walk in the woods 2 times a day. Not to go too can't go outside without a leash anywhere.
Tried different sprays, drops and collars.
Eventually settled on the Vectra 3D.
Sometimes, 2-3 times per season still ticks remove (with the muzzle, never cling. Perhaps, on the face of less subcutaneous fat, in which extends the active substance).
162) We put for many years my dogs Vectra 3D as soon as it appeared in Russia – not a single bite, knock 3 times.
Drops dripping it between his shoulder blades, parting the fur, so its length does not matter. I Mache the mane is never cut, it protects it from the sun (as the Uzbek desert cotton quilted Bathrobe, sorry. ) Is only tum and paws.
Somehow Masha fell asleep at the cottage under the pear, and next to her a cat, so the husband then took off about a dozen mites from the cat, BUT NOT ONE WRITTEN, and from her nothing.
Never put the dogs flea collar: big dog, or with thick hair it is not very effective.
Once, only Masha in our station was treated with a spray: she had a resting day.

Any remedy for blood-sucking dangerous for the animal. As he or she can do to lick it with wool.It is best to buy collars, or “Climatici”- just the most safe.
His, for example, bought tweezers to remove ticks Nippes in a human pharmacy)) The most important twisting takes less than a minute, the dog does not have time to escape from us))

Vectra 3D is our salvation, without exaggeration, excellent drops from ticks. dripped her dog in last year's warm season (a lot of walking), so for all the time, not a single tick was seen on the dog, although earlier (before Vektra) they clung to it only in this way (somehow miraculously managed without complications). now at least I sleep more quietly and for Dick I do not worry)

The dog was treated with drops from fleas (I do not remember the name for a long time, it was a long time ago) strongly itched the first 2 days then it seemed to have stopped, but then they began to notice after a while that it began to itch again only stronger and bite itself. passed after processing the days where it was 7 watched, and flew on the tail ran, we bought Vektra 3d. Also know very well helped or assist, has ceased to be scratched in general in day where that, so a good preparation. We started using them in protection against ticks because it is a broad-spectrum drug, and it helps very well from all these parasites.

two days ago, my father went for a walk with our dog on the field and, as usual, after a walk, he always combs the dog and checks it for ticks and what was his surprise when he found three nasty mites on the German shepherd, so at the same time day the father went to the vetaptek and bought antiparasitic drops Vectra 3d, (just missed the treatment, I forgot to say so) he has been buying them for many years in a row, dripping a dog on a fur coat and not one muck to it does not cling. He says that these are the most effective drops that he tried.

I recently bought Vectra 3D before the opening of the summer season. My neighbor dreamed of everything to them, he brought him a friend from abroad. And I saw it and bought it in the pharmacy. Here has processed the, have passed already 4 test a tick or mite. At the weekend we were in the park, I met the first one - I swayed on a blade of grass, planted it on a wool, and died. So successfully it turns out processed.

We use only Vectra 3D drops, for several years already everything suits us. The result is not a tick. I like very much that it protects not only from ticks, but also from fleas, mosquitoes, it is checked for mosquitoes nearby, they swirl around but do not bite. Often walk in the park so we always have a look at it, but not at one inspection nor did anyone find it very pleasing)

Personally this year I bought all my drops Vectra 3D. To travel for field tests is also nothing that is not necessary,proven enough and some drops. In that year, my events have been processed drops Vectra 3D also used to stay in Fryazevo. After Vectra no fleas, no ticks found on one dog.

a puppy from my bitch and a bitch who lived with him picked up a pirate in January (remember, it was winter, it's not really winter, it's snow, it's a thaw), since then I process as soon as the first thaw patches get out and I do not look at the temperature, because for example on heating mains (dug in the ground) the land thaws back in late February. And now only Vectra 3D drops are used, I drip it all, before processing and after not my two days, I treat it strictly according to the instructions, so as not to disrupt the effect of the drug. I liked the fact that in the vector it acts as a repellent effect, and even if the mite managed to get on the dog (I had it once), it just paralyzes it and does not have time to bite it. This year, early treatment began as well, there are already many cases of bite. So be careful!

Here we are, too, only drops Vectra 3d and use it. Indeed it is very convenient. All you have to do is drip on the withers, and you can not worry about your pet. No insect will definitely bite, and even if it falls on the treated wool, it immediately loses coordination and falls.

Pretty good drops from Vectra 3d. I myself buy it for my pet. Very convenient, processed once a month and forgot about this nightmare. And then before often they could pick up mites, and there were fleas. Now how many are already using them, not a tick has been caught, but mosquitoes do not bite now. Before I work, I do not spend two days and after it, too. Drip only on the withers according to the instructions, the drops are well and quickly absorbed and leave no greasy marks on the wool.