Despite the fact that the abbreviation ugg means ugly boots, that is ugly boots, soft and warm, ugg boots have won the love of fashionistas around the world. What are they so good? First, the Australian boots made of genuine sheepskin, and that is why they are perfectly warm leg. Secondly, sleek cut, no lightning bolts and other fasteners, wide leg, flat sole provide incomparable comfort.

And third, again due to its simple style, uggs fit perfectly into any wardrobe suited to almost any outfit. Even in a warm sports suit and cute boots, you will look fashionable and stylish. But fashion does not stand still, change even such a classic subject as the felt boots made of sheepskin. What ugg boots will be the most fashionable in 2013 in our article.

Materials and finishes

What needs to be done fashionable ugg boots? Natural materials – it's the law! Traditionally the boots are made from Australian sheepskin, today, you can find options of suede and even leather. If you want to save money, you can find a cute version, made from high quality synthetic, most importantly, never tell.

In our latitudes, where winter is seldom cold and snowy, you should look for ugg boots with a special water-repellent impregnation. Thanks to her and feet will stay dry and the shoes for a long time will look like new. For a long time, ugg boots were smooth and solid, the designers decided to correct this shortcoming and began to experiment with materials.

The easiest way of finishing – meh. It can decorate the upper part of a top or a Flirty peek out from the seam. Italian designers have gone further: now luxury mink decorates the upper part of the boot. The colors of the decoration can be completely diverse to match the colour of the boot, to be contrasting or fancy and unusual.

To make uggs even more original, fashion designers began to use artificially aged skin. Elegant look boots with a quilted shaft. The squares in the style house Chanel supplemented with metal rivets. If we talk about the decor, it is extremely popular in this season. The boots are decorated with buttons, rivets, buttons. On some models the back is an elegant lace-up that allows you to tighten the shaft tightly. The same purpose is served by a variety of straps and buckles.

Ladies can choose a model with a textile finish resembling a sock. If you need front shoes, and then there's useful Australian boots, because the model generously jeweled sequins. Changed and the length of the boot. If traditionally fashionable uggs was a little above the ankle, it is now possible to find high models that reach mid-calf, and ugg-boots with wide fur cuffs.

Actual color

What color should be original uggs? 5 years ago ladies in one voice stated: natural beige-sand, more of the same. A couple of years ago, opinion would be divided: some preferred the black, someone classic brown. Today the issue of color can confuse because on the shelves you can find fashionable uggs almost all shades of the rainbow.

Every day suit brown, black, Burgundy or dark blue. "Exit" can be bought white or beige. Stylish looks colour "leopard"