"What do I need rain, what's it to me, that it's pouring rain to me": was sung in the beloved song of our childhood, but if you think about these simple lines - the life motto of every girl. Every day, regardless of our mood and state of health, as well as the weather behind the window, we must get out of bed and go out into the street in all its splendor.

Rain, snow, wind, slush can not destroy the styling and ruin the makeup. If you do not know how to always be on top, then we recommend you to get acquainted with our 7 golden rules how to look good in any weather.

1. Proper care is the basis of the fundamentals

Whichever makeup you choose, hide the scaly and dull skin, it is unlikely to help. In autumn and winter, it's worth changing the principles of care a little. Do not think that in the cold, the skin does not need moisture, use special creams, just choose them with a denser texture. Never use the product immediately before going out, smear your face about an hour and a half before the walk.

Do not forget about the lips: twice a week use special peelings and apply hygienic lipstick, a greasy cream or a foundation for lipstick. Most of the winds suffer from the hands, in addition to buying good gloves, you should stock up on quality cream and nourishing masks.

2. And yet, makeup

High-quality cosmetics will not only help you look and hide fine imperfections, but also take care of our skin. The main thing is to choose the right means. The first thing that will help to look great in any weather is tonal remedy. To make the makeup last long, and the skin with its texture resembled porcelain, it is worth giving preference to the tone on a silicone base.

BB cream, bases for make-up on a silicone base, as well as tonal funds with silicone will hide redness, unevenness. acne and acne, as well as help makeup for a long time to be preserved in its original form.

3. Waterproof cosmetics

Another rule of autumn and winter make-up: cosmetics should not be afraid of moisture. Note the notes of waterproof, long-wearing formula, water-resistant. With such ink is not afraid of rain or sudden tears, washed away the same mascara with a special two-phase agent, which, in addition to everything, cares for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

4. We fix the result

To make the cosmetics last longer, before the exit the face can be sprinkled with thermal water or a special cosmetic spray-fixer. This will not only allow makeup to remain more resistant, but also will refresh, moisturize the skin.

5. Permanent makeup

If for some reason you can not use sustainable cosmetics, and look good in all weathers, permanent make-up will come to the rescue. Tattooing of the eyes, lips or eyebrows will give an indelible make-up and always a well-groomed look.

6. Care about the hair

Electrified hair, split ends and the inability to lay curls are a winter nightmare of many girls. Let's start with the fact that in bad weather the locks also need our care. Must-have - a tool that removes excessive fluffiness, removes static electricity. Usually these light sprays have notes: anti frizz, anti humidity.

Well, the second inalienable for the beauty of hair attribute - a cap with a lining on a natural basis. It will prevent hypothermia of the scalp and damage the hair shaft. The main thing is to avoid strong stowage, under the hat they will firmly stick hair together.

7. Styling

The simpler your styling, the better. Complex hairstyles will easily destroy the wind and rain, and the natural haircut will remain magnificent.