There are many different breeds of Guinea pigs. differ from one another primarily by the length, texture and coloring hair. One of the most unusual rocks female Guinea pigs (also called Abyssinian).

Female Guinea pig received its name due to the unusual structure of the coat: throughout the body of the Abyssinian Guinea pigs positioned outlet made of wool. It creates the impression that the pig was sleeping very restless, turning from side to side, and in the morning it is not combed. In General, the socket may exist in other breeds of Guinea pigs, but most often female Guinea pigs is called Abyssinians.

Abyssinian (female) breed appeared due to gene mutation of wool. it caused the appearance of rosettes of hair on the body of Guinea pigs. It originated in England in 1861, gradually spread through Europe and America in the 20th century was one of the most popular breeds. However, modern female Guinea pigs differ from their ancestors, because the are a cross between a Peruvian and smooth coat Guinea pigs, and the true female, the breed is now considered lost.

Female Guinea pigs have short rigid wool length not more 4 cm, it is not fitted to the body, and "stands on end". Ideally, the Abyssinians must be 10 outlets. 4 on the back and on the back, 1 on his shoulders. The normal range considered to be 8-12 outlets. Socket on the nose is welcome, but if not, this disadvantage is not considered.

But at the same time the main criterion for the assessment of female pigs at shows is the quality of the outlets, and not their number. All sockets should be well formed, have the shape of a circle and out of centers. Joints sockets form smooth ridges.

In addition to wool breeds of Guinea pigs also differ according body and some other symptoms (just the coat — the most obvious distinctive feature, visible even to the layman). Thus, in female pigs the body in silhouette like a square. The very pig should look symmetrical: at first glance she seems ruffled, but if you look closely, you realize that outlet smash her body into even squares. The Abyssinians can be almond-shaped eyes, while for other species it is unacceptable.

Abyssinians can have very different colors of wool. including white, gold, brown, chocolate and red. The color can be as plain or combined. To care for hair female pigs is easy enough to gently brush your pet once a week to remove dead hairs.

Female Guinea pigs — one of the most popular breeds not only because of his unusual appearance, but also friendly nature. Abyssinian Guinea pigs quickly attached to a host, they are usually quite aggressive and get along well with children.

Abyssinian Guinea pigs — very funny and naughty animals. They are extremely agile, so they need as often as possible to play and also released from the cells at least for an hour every day. If you can't devote enough time to your pet, it makes sense to buy for a Guinea pig companion, the benefit of Abyssinian cats get along well with other breeds of Guinea pigs. Only the best make the companion was of the same sex, especially if you are planning to get from the pigs offspring.

Speaking of the offspring. It is worth considering that female Guinea pigs are considered difficult to breed breeding, so if you have very little knowledge about breeding Guinea pigs, it is better not to attempt to obtain from the Abyssinian breed. For example, experienced breeders know that Abyssinians are forbidden to interbreed with long-haired breeds or breeds with another form of rosettes .

Female Guinea pigs — the perfect choice for those who have never kept Guinea pigs. It fun and friendly Pets. care which is not very difficult.

Hello!we are not a big problem,a couple of months ago we have a dead pig,I decided to buy the same,bought the outlet,but it is very strong smell,the previous does not smell. tortured have it washed. and anus that got something oblong and red!but mumps has not lost its activity!mumps is less than a month,don't even know who.a boy or a girl.

Cook box. With rectal prolapse pigs do not live. And do not take infants. It is necessary to choose the pig, with this age, what can be put on exhibition. That is, children who turned three months old. Then problems will not be.

marine slinkie female couple .the boy is 5 years old. almost 3G girl .the first time was three broods .and now we sit together in more than half a year .and nechevo not .explained to why .they love to play but posterity has not .had a cat one time ate a little. overlooked .maybe from stress if you kill you get or just the subject. our already old .explained to why .they are very funny and affectionate take on the handles from licking them .so I guess thanks for caring .

Guinea pigs gender is difficult to determine, females and males are very similar. But still there is a difference. The male between the anus and the button distance significantly more than females. Look in the Internet, where there are pictures.

good afternoon. I bought a Guinea pig about a month ago and I can not understand what it breeds. fluffy and in her back closer to the tail like a peacock stirs sticks out..please help to identify.