In order to attract the male gaze, it is not necessary to meet model standards. To do this, it is enough to present your body correctly.

For full women there is a wide choice of models of festive dresses that can emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Fashions for furs

Particularly good for an A-shape silhouette of a lace. This is an elegant and simple cut. Thanks to this style, you will visually become slimmer and taller.

Effective evening dresses, fitting the zone under the chest and passing into freely falling folds. Gorgeous look at full two-layer festive dresses, in which the lower layer is made of satin, and the upper layer - lace fabric or guipure.

Lush breasts emphasize the V-neck of medium depth. Hide your belly with a fashion with an overstated waist. If you have broad shoulders, come to the aid of dresses with flounces. Avoid models with open shoulders, draped with ruffles and bows. They will make your figure formless. For owners of a slender waist, stylists recommend buying two-tone dresses. Favorably outlines the silhouette of a full girl dress-case. Splashed bottom in the form of a reptile is also very advantageous looks on the full ladies.

Festive colors

Color party dresses is better to choose blue, purple, dark red, and emerald tones. If you really love lighter shades, purchase dresses made of matte materials. Satin visually adds weight.

Combine the colors. Flower ornament will add along elegance and tenderness, and a vertical strip will visually reduce the volume.

Fancy dresses for full girls

Solemn events are not only in adults, but also in children. To choose festive styles for full girls, you need so that clothes do not constrain movement, do not rub or chop. The child should feel comfortable and at the same time like himself. Excess jewelry, bows and lace can make an already full girl even more. As for the styles, then general recommendations remain.

Adhering to our advice, you can easily choose the right style for you and look just great. Moreover, in fact, men prefer to see next to a good-looking mannequin, and luxurious health, luxurious Russian beauty. That is why dresses for the full are so in demand - today it is fashionable to be beautiful and desirable despite any opinions and generally accepted standards.