Chubby girls and women know first hand how difficult it is to find the right haircut. Especially if you are the owner of magnificent forms, because the round face and plump cheeks look cute only in infancy. In adulthood, we all strive for perfect forms. And in cases with hair, look for options that visually make the round face oval and reduce the cheeks.

When choosing a hairstyle guided only by the shape of the face. This is the wrong approach, because it is necessary to consider many factors: body type, age features, complexion, facial features. The right haircut for full round face should not only lengthen it but also in harmony with the overall image. We offer you several options of hairstyles.

Fashionable women's short haircuts for full faces 2014

The main objective of any hairstyle is to emphasize the beauty of its owner. But very often it has another equally important goal is to visually correct your face shape. Full round-faced women with this problem will help to cope haircuts with volume on top. To give the face an oval shape can be a hairstyle with long strands in front, like a Bob. A good option for short hairstyles will and Gavroche with a volume bangs and crown.

Choosing a short haircut, full of women should also pay attention to options with a length oblique bangs and asymmetrical strands. Taboo for chubby women are ultrashort hairstyles, straight even bangs and parting in the middle.

Trendy haircuts for full faces-for medium length hair

Medium length hair are perfect and slender and curvy ladies. But there are nuances for owners of the full face. First, the optimal length haircuts—shoulder-length. Secondly, you should choose a haircut based on the cascade. With the help of this technique, you can remove unnecessary volume, and torn strands will correct the shape of the face. Ideal haircuts will be: page and its variations, elongated bean with filing, graduated square.

Fashionable long haircuts for full face

Long hair has always been the standard of femininity. That's only full women should carefully approach the choice of long haircuts. The fact is that loose straight long hair is visually attached to the volume, hiding the neck and shoulders. To prevent this, girls with forms should choose cascading long haircuts, with oblique cuts and buns. Optimal length - just below the shoulder blades. If the hair is longer, then it is better to wear it in a high horse's tail or plait into a braid. Full symmetry melioration and ultrashort bangs are also contraindicated for full girls. It is best for long hair to choose a cascading haircut with a bronzing, and the light strands should be like framing the face. Examples of such haircuts you can see in the photo.