An important part of the wardrobe of every fashionista is a tunic. First and foremost, women appreciate it for the versatility, practicality and style. And the simplicity of the cut allows the use of tunics in everyday and festive manner.

Fashionable womens tunic 2016 has a specific length – it is shorter than a typical dress but a long shirt or t-shirt. This style allows you to experiment with different styles and to implement even the most daring images.

Fashionable tunics 2016: current models

In the collections of the 2016 designers vengeance promoted natural naturalness. This trend is reflected not only in the actual designs, but in fashion makeup. As for popular women's tunics 2016, they are characterized by natural colors and prints. For example, the trend will be vegetable, minimalistic, simple geometric and abstract patterns. No less relevant will be the tunics in ethnic style. Especially popular with designers of steel — hippie style and options bulk tunics from the ' 80s. a Lot of designers, creating clothes tunic, brought images of ancient goddesses. They used delicate pleats flowing fabrics, the elegant Golden embroidery and scatterings of artificial stones.

As for the actual length, then the most popular tunics in 2016 were models of midi length. Although the fashion shows, it was enough and short tunic, reminiscent of mini-dresses, and long maxi.

What to wear with fashionable tunics in 2016

The creation of relevant image on the basis of trendy tunics 2016 depends on its length. Thus, under a tunic-dress, is to choose fashion tights and opaque tights in black. If you are wearing a short tunic as a blouse, it's usually leggings or tights. You can also select the skinny jeans and pants. Short tunic, you can tuck into shorts or a skirt and can be worn untucked. Another trendy option is worn over a tunic sweater or sweater. Long tunic in and of themselves create an image. This year stylists recommend to combine tunic in Maxi length with massive jewelry.

To accentuate the waist in a boxy tunic, use a thin leather strap is another trend for 2016. But do not forget about the length of tunic should reach the knees. Also try to avoid discrepancies in the color scheme of the outfit. If the tunic has a bold print, pick up under her monochromatic ensemble. And the shoes are better to choose high heel or platform. Do not forget that the shoes must be the same style with your chosen tunic.