The importance of eyebrows to the overall appearance of the face is the fact neprekoslovnoe. But not every representative of the beautiful half of humanity knows how to choose the option that is right for her, will make the face more attractive and expressive. Because many girls are experimenting, and often these experiments are not entirely successful.

The shape of the eyebrows should be chosen not by fashion, but by the type of your face. How to determine it, and how to correctly make the right arc for you, you will learn in our article.

And what is your type of person?

Modern makeup artists have identified these types of the oval, based on which, determine the shape of the eyebrows:

  1. round. For him, the ideal would be high altitude eyebrow with a kink. So the image will be more expressive and lively. Dealing with the modeling of the eyebrows, the girl with such a person should not give preference to rounded
  2. oval. It requires both will look horizontal eyebrows, a little rounded, but not too high. But they should not be too wide, otherwise it will give a person the severity
  3. square. The right eyebrow shape for it – the arc is lifted up and curved. It is important that they were not thin
  4. triangular. Recommended slightly raised eyebrows with a uniform smooth bend;
  5. elongated. To visually round face, you should choose a straight brow.

How to make a form brownish arcs of their own?

There is a simple method on how to make the shape of the eyebrow itself. For this you need to implement a few simple steps:

  1. cosmetic either with a pencil mark the beginning browney arc. To do it right, you need to put the pencil to the center of the wing of the nose and eyebrows so that his line went through the inner corner of the eye. The beginning of your eyebrow should be at the intersection of it with the pencil
  2. next, look for the Central and the highest point of your eyebrow. Again, take a pencil and hold a straight line from it to the wing of the nose, so she crossed the outer edge of the pupil. For any shape of eyebrows is very important in this area, in fact it makes the arc more careful
  3. to determine the end of the eyebrow, again connect the wing of the nose with the outer edge of the eye and eyebrow. All the hairs that are on this level, it should be removed
  4. double-check the accuracy of their measurements. Pencil attach to the middle of the eyebrows. All measuring data will be considered correct if both the end and the beginning of the line will be located at the same level
  5. it is also important the distance between brownie arcs that should not be more than 2 fingers.

Rules modelling the shape of the eyebrows

All the main points have been determined, now you can start modeling and tweaking the eyebrows. In this case, you need to remember a few secrets:

  • experts suggest pinching only podpolnuyu part. If you touch the top, it will give them an unnatural appearance. You can tweeze only the hairs growing separately
  • before making the shape of the eyebrows, draw them with a pencil. This is especially true of rare and bright arcs
  • don't make the eyebrows much thinner than their natural. If skills in their modelling, you don't have, just tweak them slightly to give the appearance of
  • during correction is constantly smooth eyebrow brush, then they will be smooth and beautiful
  • to reduce pain during the procedure, the treated area apply the cream or a few minutes put cotton pads soaked in warm water
  • when the procedure is finished, treat skin with anti-inflammatory lotion
  • the care of eyebrows should be systematic: remove extra hairs, comb them with a brush and your face will have a more attractive and natural look.

We should also consider that even a few extra hairs that you plucked that can make your face with mind sad or silly-surprised. And as for the curves of the eyebrows, you can judge a person's character, you risk to spoil the first impression about yourself. Because if you don't know how to do eyebrows, re-read the article carefully, examine the pictures to it and read the tutorial.