Beautiful and well-groomed hands are the visiting card of a neat woman. On the creation of an ideal manicure, some ladies spared no effort, time and money, regularly attending beauty salons. But what to do to those who are constantly busy with business or does not have enough money to spend it on caring for nails. Our recommendations and women's tricks on how to do a manicure at home will come to the rescue.

Lessons home manicure

Cosmetology has invented many original types of manicure: French, water, moon, summer, gradient, etc. Whatever your choice, the first thing you must carefully prepare the nails for treatment. This process can be represented step by step in the following:

  1. The first step is the cleansing of the nails of the particles of the old varnish. To do this, take a cotton ball or disc, dip it in the solvent and wash the substance to eliminate.
  2. Using small scissors or clippers, cut the nails to the desired length.
  3. Take a nail file and take care of making the required forms, making smooth movements in the direction from the edge of the nail plate to the middle thereof. The form you can choose the most different: sharp, square, oval. The main thing that is on your hands you selected looked beautiful.
  4. Then dip hands in a bowl of warm water and soak for a while. After that, wipe them with a towel and apply the cuticle moisturizer.
  5. Using nagdecide, carefully remove from under the nail plate of all contamination.
  6. Then take a nail tool and slide the skin around the nails. Do not forget about caution, try not to cause yourself injuries. After this procedure, apply a small amount of cream on the fingertips.
  7. Remember one thing: doing a manicure at home, do not remove the cuticle with scissors – it only contributes to accelerated regeneration of tissue.
  8. Then we should get rid of the burrs and re good to disinfect the nails. Then you can Polish the nail plate.
  9. Rinse hands with water, wipe with a towel, apply a small amount of cream and massage gently brushes.

Apply the varnish to the nails

Painting varnish is some of the subtleties of the technology. Consider all stages of the process:

  1. Prepare basis – this will help you obtain a deeper and more even shade of nail Polish. The Foundation needs to dry for a short time, after which you can cover the nail varnish.
  2. To start, shake the vial with the contents well, remove the brush from it and remove any excess liquid from the edge of the vial.
  3. Apply the coating as follows: brush tap the middle of the nail and swipe it up, then paint the sides of the nail.
  4. After the first coat has dried, you can begin to re-painting.
  5. If on cuticles got a bit of the coating, remove it with a cotton swab dipped in solvent.
  6. The color is also important. For example, women with yellowish skin tone it is better to choose red or pink tones. If you are the owner of long narrow shaped nails, your option – any intense and dark color. If the nails are by nature imperfect, have some unevenness or grooves, don't use mother of pearl.

Proper nutrition for beauty nail

In addition to all the above tips, I would also like to pay special attention to what should be a diet to maintain the beauty of the hands and nails. Here is the list of the most useful products:

  • nuts and sunflower seeds
  • eggs and poultry broth
  • meat and fish low-fat varieties
  • fresh vegetables, salads, cereals
  • dairy products: cheese, kefir, yogurt, cheese
  • fresh juices
  • seafood, greens