Stylish evening hair styling - the finishing touch, without which one can not imagine a holistic, elegant image. With the help of a hairdo, you can emphasize the elegance of the figure, the elegance of the ornaments and the fashionable style of the dress. Beautifully laid hair adds a woman of confidence and special charm, making her feel like the real queen of the evening. We offer you several stylish options for women's evening dresses, which will be relevant for any holiday.

Evening laying on long hair, photo

Long, well-groomed and healthy hair is the perfect base for an evening hairstyle. Recently, evening styling based on braids is especially popular. Openwork French braids, voluminous spikelets, braids are used as both independent hairstyles, and as bases for evening textured packing. It is absolutely possible for any woman to master the ingenious technique of weaving alone. Video lessons and master classes with step-by-step photos will come to the rescue, some of which you will find at the end of this article.

Actual in 2015 will be evening styling on the basis of curls. In the new season, stylists suggest placing emphasis on light negligence, so the curls should look "stale", as if you made the stitching last night. Hair with casual waves is very easy to do by yourself. Simply wind the hair without using any fixing means, and let the locks blossom a little, after which they can be combed at the roots and sprinkled with varnish. The main thing is to achieve the effect of naturalness and easy ease.

Fashion evening styling for medium length hair

Stylish evening styling for medium hair this year should meet two main trends: to be elegant and as simple as possible in performance. Classic options are suitable: a bunch, a shell, a babette. Ideal will be a hairstyle that combines several different fashion elements. For example, a careless low beam with a scythe.

Stylish evening styling for short hair

Sometimes it is difficult to choose an evening styling for short hair, because this length does not allow you to radically change the image. To help come fashionable in the new season accessories: flower wreaths, wide hoops, delicate diadems, hair clips from rhinestones. Also in the new year, evening styling for short hair on the basis of a "wet effect" will be popular.

Evening styling for curly hair, photo

Curly long hair is in itself a beautiful evening hairstyle. But if you want to bring diversity and change your usual image, then for these purposes, for example, laying on the basis of braids - a waterfall. For an evening event of wavy hair of medium length, you can form a Greek hairstyle, for which a special rubber base is used. Short curly hair is best laid with a gel in the soft Hollywood waves in the style of the 20's.