If you think that quads are a boring and monotonous haircut, then you are deeply mistaken. There are a huge number of varieties of this hairstyle, each of which is distinguished by its special style and texture. In addition, kara is the perfect haircut for those women who appreciate the simplicity and elegance of hair. Especially for those fans of the square we prepared the most stylish variants of the holiday styling on its basis, which will be very useful in the run-up to the New 2015 year.

Party styling hairstyles Bob: stylish options

The options for festive laying are completely dependent on the length of the hair. Classical quads are straight hair of equal length, just below the chin line. The best evening styling of such a karelokon. It can be large curls, soft waves, small curls, careless ringlets - the choice depends on your mood and preferences.

Graduated caret implies the existence of a "ladder" of several tiers of different lengths. Caret usually wear such bright young girls who always want to look stylish and original. Graduated caret to fit a version of the festive styling with high volume. Using lightweight fleece, foam for the hair, a large brush and Hairdryer produces the largest volume on top at the roots, and the strands ahead remain flat. The same principle is created and evening styling the caret on the leg.

Bob-kare - one of the most fashionable women's haircuts in recent years. It is characterized by a smooth transition from short hair at the nape to elongated strands in front. An interesting version of the evening laying of Bob-kara - an oblique parting and an asymmetric bang. You can also comb the hair from one side behind the ear and fix them with invisible ones, and lay the loose strands with a curl of corrugation.

Love the ripple effect and universal elongated quads. An unusual ripple effect for the entire length gives the hair a special festive look. In addition, the long curls look great and curls, styling with braids, shell, Babette, beam.

How to make a festive hairstyle Kare for the New year

New Year is a special holiday for everyone. This day you want to look not just attractive, but stunning. Therefore, to create a festive laying based on the square, you need to use additional accessories. For example, with the help of overhead strands, you can put a square in a Greek hairdo. By themselves, false hair is a good way to try on the image of a long-haired beauty for a while.

To create a New Year's hair on the square, the braid is also suitable, in which you can braid a long bang and side strands. The classic even carat can be decorated with pearl beads, invisible with rhinestones or multi-colored pebbles. Get a little imagination and on New Year's Eve it's your hair that will evoke admiring looks!