The beneficial effect of rosemary essential oil has been known since ancient times - it increases the tone of the body and vitality, actively fights against inflammation and pain, regulates pressure and restores the hair. It is the latter property we will discuss in more detail. Or rather, what can mask for split ends with this miraculous plant.

Mask for split ends with rosemary oil and honey

Hair treatment with the help of this mask will not only glue your "swollen" hair tips, but even help greatly accelerate the growth of your curls and relieve dandruff. It will be especially effective for fatty hair at the roots, since it also has drying properties. This mask with rosemary consists of the following components: 1 tbsp. l. honey, 1 raw chicken yolk, 3 drops of rosemary oil and the same amount of cedar oil, as well as a small amount of olive oil. First, dissolve the essential oils in honey and only after that, mix olive oil and yolk into the mixture. The finished mass should turn out to be thick enough, but so that it would be convenient to apply it on strands.

For greater effect, apply a mask to clean hair, wrapping them after a plentiful lubrication with a nutrient mixture of polyethylene or food film and covering the top with something warm (towel, scarf). You can wash off the mask after half an hour of its effect on the hair.

Mask for oily hair with rosemary and egg

Another super nutritious mask for split ends with a powerful restoring effect that will return your hair smoothness and healthy appearance. To cook it, you will need 1 chicken egg, 1 tbsp. l. crushed fresh and dry rosemary, as well as ½ cup oil (you can take olive, almond, castor or any other). At the same time, fresh rosemary must be dried beforehand. The very process of preparing such a mask with rosemary involves heating the oil in a water bath and adding rosemary to it. This mixture should be left to insist for 5 days, then strain and mix 1 tbsp. l. pure mixture with egg. A ready mask with rosemary is left on the hair for 30 minutes, and then washed off.

It is noteworthy that the oil of rosemary can be used not only in the form of a mask, but also to enhance the effect of cosmetics for hair care. This natural supplement will help to speed up the healing of the scalp and hair itself, accelerate their growth and fill with strength and brilliance. To do this, simply add the rosemary oil to your favorite shampoo, mask or conditioner at the rate of 3 g of oil for 5 g of the fixed product. Note that it is better to add oil to a single dose of the remedy - so its effect will be maximum. And one more practical advice: masks of similar composition can be washed off badly, therefore use for this purpose a children's soap or shampoo for the hair prone to fat.