Even those women who do not like to change hair color and image, sooner or later have to do it with the appearance of gray hair. But the need to do things that do not like does not at all mean that you have to burn curls with chemical paint - humanity has long discovered a way such as staining henna in a red color.

Henna is a natural dye, which is extracted from the leaves of Lavonia. It is completely harmless and even useful, as it strengthens the head of hear. The structure of a human hair is such that in it three layers are superimposed one on another:

Chemical ingredients penetrate only into the first layer and simply break these scales, which causes them to become disheveled, and the hair looks ugly, dry and thin. While the coloring in copper color with the help of hood from lavsonium on the contrary improves the appearance of the head of hear due to the natural properties of this extract to smooth flakes and to drink them. Because of this, the curls make an impression more dense, shiny and lush.

Staining in red – various options

Pure henna staining gives a beautiful bright copper colour. However the possibilities of this gift of nature does not end there. Successfully combining it with other natural components, you can achieve amazing results.

  1. A mixture of black henna (in greater proportion) with red, and ground coffee will give your hair a brown tint.
  2. Mix black henna with red (in greater proportions), ground coffee and infusions of herbs will create a brown color.
  3. Henna in conjunction with the Indigo powder will make the hair black with a bluish tint.

All sorts of combinations with herbs will also change the shade of the hair and its saturation. In addition, the color juiciness is also affected by the process of coloring in red color, the result of which can be seen in the photo.

If a perm was recently made, the hair will quickly grab the color. Just as short a powder on the hair should be kept for girls with soft and fair hair. It is not recommended to change the image in this way to those who recently painted hair with chemical paint.

Why popular haircuts for red hair?

Hairdressers-stylists are very fond of showing off haircuts for red hair. This is due to the fact that such an extraordinary color is adorned by any representative of the weaker sex, and correctly selected red hairstyles turn the lady into the object of almost every normal man's desires. As you know, men are very attracted to naturalness and naturalness, and it is with these qualities that they are associated with honey-haired girls. Fashion for blondes and brunettes periodically alternates, but "chanterelles" always occupy a special place.

Several advantages

Advantages of henna in front of dyes with a chemical formula:

  • naturalness, which allows its use for pregnant and nursing moms
  • medical quality and hypoallergenic
  • the presence of tannins, which are needed to nourish scalp
  • impact as an antiseptic for dandruff
  • the ability to create any shade
  • reliable painting of gray hair;
  • for a long period, the hair retain the color
  • in the no harmful ammonia and peroxides
  • low cost
  • successfully replaces air-conditioner, balm and expensive tools.

That's not all. The advantages of this treasure can be listed endlessly. It becomes obvious that staining henna in red color is a simple, harmless and even pleasant and useful process. After such a procedure, out of the hair, not only will the sign of old age disappear, but even a resemblance will appear to those hairpieces that are shown on the TV in advertising of colors.