Sometimes cat owners get upset about the fact that a pet refuses to eat. If cat not eating is a reason to worry, because it is an abnormal phenomenon. At any age a cat should feel the need to eat, otherwise it becomes unclear where he gets the energy to play with you or run around the room.

So often happens that the cat does not eat, but worn around the apartment like he had a constant replenishment of energy. While it may tear, and in the toilet, he goes very often, starting shit all over the apartment, despite the fact that previously went in the tray. Perhaps the animal has worms. You should immediately contact a veterinary clinic or veterinary pharmacy. There you will be advised by pills or drops, which for two or three times are able to cope with this problem. The cat will have an appetite, because the body will lose a lot of energy in the fight against parasites.

Sometimes it happens thatcat loses its appetite, if you do the permutation or even moving to a new place of residence. Cats are so sensitive to change that they just crash if you change the place of stay. The same goes for the bowl of food. Try not to move the bowl of food, if the cat is already used to eat exactly where the bowl had stood originally. At the same time make sure that the eating area was not damp or, on the contrary, the intense heat in bright light. Cats love privacy. For them the process of eating is a very intimate procedure. Try to observe the rules of decency, so that your cat is not disappointed in your manners.

Some cats do not eat anything after castration. As for cats, they declare a hunger strike before the heat and before giving birth. At this time, it is not necessary to feed animals by force, pouring broth into their mouth or forcing pieces of meat. When the animals come to their senses, they begin to eat furiously. Then you will have to make sure that your pet does not overeat.

Remember that cats are very sensitive to food. If you have a soup soup and you want to feed it to a cat, you may not even try to deceive the animal. It will not eat the lost soup, just as it will absorb meat or fish with an unpleasant smell. Feed the animals only with quality food. In addition, the cat may refuse to eat because you have abruptly replaced the dry food, say, potatoes. So sharply the cats are not able to change their tastes. Try to combine food by combining potatoes with dry food. Gradually the animal will get used to such a diet and, probably, will eat ordinary food.

Be careful how do you wash a bowl for food. Do not use detergents. Especially, if you washed the bowl in a hurry, the foam will remain in any case. A cat's bowl, like a toilet, needs to be washed thoroughly with hot water, otherwise there will be an unpleasant smell and soap foam. A cat is a noble animal. She will not eat of dirty dishes.

If the cat does not eat is not a reason to raise the alarm immediately. Follow him, taking into account the above points. If the cat is not eating and looks slick and lifeless — it is better to consult a veterinarian. Do not treat a pet without knowing the reason of his refusal to eat, clearly knowing what state the cat is bad. Animal very easy to put on legs if there are no serious diseases, but even if it was something serious show care, patience and attention to your pet. and all will be well.

our cat fell ill He does not eat anything Heavy breathes his tongue out almost all the time sleeps and in the evening he bleeds from his mouth say what could have happened to him?

Help me with advice, I have a cat, I have not been gelded for 2 years, I have not been castrated, I do not eat anything except raw fresh meat and water (he also eats boiled meat, but only meat that does not slip in any.) Still waiting for meat! Milk also does not drink, only ooohochen rarely, and a little bit, a small piece of sausage or cheese, but just a little bit, and it happens once a week at 2-3, and to ask, meow is not at all customary, as I remember, with my parents when I lived, cats screamed, climbed almost to the head, asked when we ate at the table, and this generally does not care, the table for him is like a chair probably does not react) and when we mix something, at least a little bit at all, does not eat anything. disappears all in a bowl-throw out. What to do with it. how to accustom to eat everything. Marina.

The cat vomited a day ago, still did not eat anything. What if the cat is 1 year old and she runs around like she was eating! Help!

help the cat what eats not food meat is not the liver and drink that you can give help or to go to the vet

My cat (not neutered) for two years, this summer became indifferent to food and very listless. I was going to take it to the veterinarian, but I could not get out anyhow, on the way I ran into the pet-shop, they advised me to drive the worms out. I bought Drontal, as the most reliable, I gave it twice in about a week, no difficulties arose, although I fed the cat with pills for the first time in my life. The cat came alive after the first reception.

My cat does not eat what sometimes it takes water and sometimes it tears it and very thin as a fluff when you raise it, it breathes heavily. Previously, there was a smart cat and then with it these consequences began to occur. Good people help me please, maybe I really do not know how to start the worms process :( I'm very scared for my cat if you help me age I will not forget you I will be very grateful to you. There was a simple gray beautiful cat, castrated, well fed on nothing complained and now such a terrible thing happened for me. Tell me what to do?

Sometimes, too, that there is a little.