The main secret of light makeup is that it does not catch your eye, and you look so natural that on cosmetics nobody concentrates attention, as if it does not exist. Some people think that if the make-up is light, then it will not be difficult to apply, but this is not the case. It takes a lot of effort to learn the technique of applying cosmetics, which would emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and lips, but at the same time retained transparency and simplicity. It is necessary to choose the right color palette, depending on the color of the hair, eyes, type of face, etc. Choose crisp shadows: it is easier to shade, eyeliner is better to put aside: clear lines here at all out of place, well, complete the image pick up soft shine or lipstick.

The first stage is based

To begin with it is necessary to level a tone of a skin of the face, here the liquid voice-frequency cream well approaches, it is possible to use a day cream with toning effect. If you have dark circles under your eyes, then do not forget to disguise them with the help of a correction tool, then apply a thin layer of powder on your face. If you have oily skin, then the cream powder will help you remove it.

Emphasize the eyes

The main emphasis is on the eyes. Excellent golden, light brown, cream and beige shade nude, here you choose yourself, depending on the color of your eyes. You can also use liquid shadows in the form of mousse: they will add transparency and tenderness to your eyes. Do not apply several layers of shadows, one is enough, just shade well with a brush or fingers on the moving eyelid. Easy everyday makeup does not like shooters, dark lines and heavy eyelashes. If you want to emphasize your eyes more, make it shadows of darker shades, but by no means black or dark gray. Use not voluminous, but lengthening mascara, better gray or brown.

With light movements, draw a bend of eyebrows with a pencil or shadows, but do not overdo it: everything should look natural.

Natural lip

Whatever anyone says, sensual and natural lips are the most beautiful and sexy. Light shades, maximum on tone darker than natural color, perfectly will approach for your "flying" image. The main emphasis is placed on the eye, so that the lips should look transparent and defenseless, trace the outline is not necessary, it is better use the gentle shine to give beauty and seductiveness. Now the trend is a cold beige color, pale pink, golden or caramel colors.

Finishing touches

At the end of the makeup, apply a blush with casual movements. With beige shades deposited on both sides of a bridge, it is possible to visually reduce its thickness and line cheekbones help correct rouge coral shades.

Natural beauty is always in fashion, you just need to learn how to emphasize it. Modern technologies provide many options for correcting the lips, eyes, eyebrows, etc. But why resort to their services, if you can just properly and effectively show your dignity. How to make beautiful and easy make-up in more detail you can look at the video, there they show you step by step and tell you how to correctly apply it. Another little secret: Try to isolate one thing, if expressive eyes, the lips should be pale, and vice versa, if the eyes are not so stressed out, then pick up the lipstick lips on the tone or two darker.