Skin care has always been especially worried about women. Men in turn are very rarely puzzled by the question of what kind of skin they have, and what it requires. Although, on the other hand, due to the fact that they often have to shave, they can not help cleansing, toning and moisturizing their dermis. But women for these purposes use all sorts of cosmetics. And although they are often forgotten, the first place among all should be occupied by masks for combination skin.

In themselves, they can not be considered a full-fledged resource, providing absolutely all the actions that the epidermis requires. But complete with creams, scrubs, tonics, mask gels for mixed face skin are very effective. They should work on the principle of cleansing, whitening, make-up and moisturizing. And it is in this order. Therefore, if no funds were applied at all for a while, then the cleansing mask for the combined skin should be the first.

Independent action of the mask: is it possible or not?

Manufacturers produce whole series of all kinds of masks, both disposable reinforced influence, and for regular processing. It is desirable that a series of cosmetics was from one manufacturer. The use of scrub from "Garnier", a mask from "Vichy" and tonic from "Cheaper" is strictly not recommended. But taking care of themselves according to national recipes is welcomed and approved. A variety of home-made masks for combination skin will be a great help in the fight against overdrying, pimples, increased sebum, darkening and acne, contamination of pores, etc.

To doubt the effectiveness of such methods is senseless - for many centuries people accumulated knowledge, systematized them, combined and tested them. Most of the techniques that have survived to this day have been tested many times and are recommended only because there is already confidence in a guaranteed final result.

Three paragraphs is important for selecting masks for combination skin

Choosing for yourself the option of a mask, you should consider several points. First, its ability to extract ingredients for the preparation of the product, if it turns out that it is the most suitable.

Secondly, what components, if it's fruits or vegetables, should always be fresh.

Thirdly, in extreme cases, it is better to abandon some component, than trying to replace your, in its sole discretion. At the same time, attempts to create your perfect mask are welcome. But you have to thoroughly examine the properties of each component, as experiments on your own dermis can be fraught with troubles.

One of the simplest recipes of an anti-aging mask for combination skin is a glass of cooked and ground in a bean paste, to which half a glass of sunflower oil and one tablespoon of lemon are added. You can store it in the refrigerator. On the face it is applied a dense layer for 20 minutes. It is used regularly, 3-4 times a week. As a result, it is not inferior to the effect of using expensive masks, which include retinol, vitamin E and other important links that provide youth with youthfulness and elasticity.

As a conclusion

Whichever species of masks one wants to stop - the result of the action of the chemical industry or herbal collections - the main thing that one should always remember is compliance with the conditions of application. The skin should be pre-cleaned with the help of auxiliary care products, and after the procedure it is fed with a suitable cream. Fans of home recipes can create for themselves a complete series of care products from fruit and vegetable ingredients.