To make a multilayered manicure at home is not enough to just try, you need to know some tricks that help to cope with the problems facing every home master.

The more expensive the varnish, the longer it dries. Sometimes it takes about forty minutes to completely dry a manicure consisting of a base and two layers of lacquer and all this time you can not do anything serious with your hands. You can not even go to bed, because you can wake up in the morning with typos on the nails. Even if you do not regret the time and completely dry the varnish, the manicure will not last as long as you would like, given the time it took to apply and dry it.

These two problems are solved simply enough if you know that there are tools that help to quickly dry the lacquer and at the same time prolong its durability. Means for fast drying of a varnish help to dry up manicure literally for seconds. They contain polymers that accelerate the drying process and special pigments that give resistance to mechanical influences. They form an invisible film, which protects the layer of nail polish from any damage.

Such funds are issued in three forms:

  • spray
  • bottle with brush
  • a bottle with an eyedropper in the lid

Instant drying lacquer from DROPDRY LСN

This very high quality drying accelerator is produced in Germany. His owner does not know what to wait, while will dry up svezhenanesenny nails. The application of the drip, the bottle is reliable, will withstand any journey. Drying DROPDRY performs several functions:

  • dries nail Polish
  • makes the coating glossy;
  • protects manicure from cracking, scratching, chipping
  • nourishes cuticles and nail rollers in vitamin E.


For each nail, apply one or two drops of drying a minute after applying the varnish. Allow the agent to spread out over the entire surface. After 90 seconds the top layer will be protected from lubrication, and after 3-5 minutes all layers of the manicure will be securely fastened together and finally dried.

Quickly and accurately dry the varnish with DROPDRY from LСN it's easy!