The right choice of lipstick is one of the key components of a successful (or, on the contrary, completely failing) make-up. The coating for the lips should ideally match with the color of the hair, the shade of the skin and the color of the eyes. In his time Shakespeare said that the lips of a beautiful woman are like a rose, and his text is relevant to this day. Let's talk about what kind of lipstick suits brunettes with brown, blue, gray, green and black eyes.

What lipstick is suitable for brunettes with brown and black eyes

This is perhaps the most common combination of a shade of hair and eyes. Among the brown-eyed and black-eyed beauties with raven-winged ringlets are Monica Bellucci, Kim Kardashian, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Focusing on their always perfect make up, you can safely say that for daytime make-up, dark-eyed brunettes are best placed to choose the lipstick and shine of a warm nude scent. The choice is wide: from pale beige hues, almost "masking" the lips under the color of the skin of the face - to a juicy peach scale.

For evening makeup of burning brunettes with brown and black eyes - more juicy, dark, rich shades of lipsticks are allowed. From the cheerful pink shade and the color of fuchsia - to bright scarlet and "tasty" berry shades. Just remember that in the case of an emphasis on the lips - do not overdo with the makeup of the eyes, choosing neutral shade colors.

And if you still can not decide to buy a lipstick of this or that shade - the right choice will help to make lines of lip cosmetics, developed in cooperation with celebrities. For example, a no-lose option for a brunette with brown eyes is lipstick for all occasions from the collection of Dolce \u0026 Gabbana Monica Voluptuous Lipstick, inspired by the beauty and charm of the fascinating Monica Bellucci.

Another type of brown-eyed brunettes are girls with a warm chocolate shade of hair and swarthy skin. Among them are Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek and other hot beauties with hot blood and frenzied temperament. These girls should look at the lipsticks of pastel pink, soft coral and muted cherry colors for daytime make-up, and to ruby, dark red and dark pink lipstick colors - for the evening.

Perfect nude and red lipsticks for brunettes of "warm" color - already appear in the collection of L'Oreal Privee natural and juicy red scale, designed specifically for Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Frida Pinto and Penelope Cruz.

What lipstick suits brunettes with blue and gray eyes

This color is especially attractive. Apparently, the whole thing is in the sharp contrast of light eyes and blue-black hair. One has only to look at one of the most beautiful women on the planet, the mother of two children, actress Megan Fox - so that everything becomes clear. Daytime make-up of dark-haired beauties with blue and gray eyes is decorated with lipsticks saturated with pink and ruby ​​shades. Although, and warm, nude shades, combined with proper eye makeup, will look on the lips of light-eyed brunettes, elegant and harmonious.

For evening make-up, burning brunettes with light eyes and light skin can choose a lipstick of juicy raspberry and fuchsia, or bright red shades. These coatings for the lips perfectly underline the whiteness of the skin and beautifully contrast the contrast of light eyes and dark curls.

For brunettes, a "warm" color-type with blue or gray eyes - also has its own rules for an ideal choice of lipstick. In creating the right day make-up, makeup artists are advised to take the example from Angelina Jolie-Pitt and Olivia Wilde. At these beauties make-up is always perfect. For everyday wear, choose lipstick color coral, light and dark pink flowers.

For the evening appearance of light-eyed brunettes with a warm tint of curls, the same color scheme will suit, only brighter, more saturated shades.

As for the choice between glitter and a noble matte lipstick - here every brunette is free in experiments. In this case, of course, it is desirable to still adhere to the color scheme that best emphasizes the beauty of the dark haired woman of fashion.