Healthy skin is the dream of any woman. Can a dream become a reality? Specialists of the Chanel beauty laboratory answer in the affirmative. The fashion house represents the exclusive beauty product of the latest generation - the serum Le Blanc de Chanel with the effect of porcelain luminescence.

Daily use of the product allows you to get rid of pigment spots acquired during the beach season, softly sculpts the cheekbones, protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. The secret of serum efficiency is in the innovative complex of the three active components. Reflective particles of the pearl extract give the skin a special pearl luster and strengthen the regeneration processes in the upper layer of the epidermis. Glucoside ascorbic acid struggles with spots and darkening of the skin, leveling its tone. The essence of the flowers of comelin has an antioxidant property, preventing premature aging.

Flowers of comelles and pearl dust are effective components of beauty products

Le Blanc Moisturizing Cream - the perfect companion for miracle serum

A soft creamy texture envelops the skin like a pearl veil