Makeup is probably the most important and integral part of any women's look. With the help of cosmetic manipulations can hide flaws, accentuate beautiful features of the face or add to your outfit a necessary accent. And, of course, as in clothing, in makeup, too, has its fashion trends that women follow a adamant from season to season.

Fashion trends in makeup 2016 is difficult to generalize: designers are looking for fresh motives, and therefore podiums are pampered with a variety of ideas. Much is taken from the sixties. There are also modern accents in the form of make-up with bright urban arrows. But first things first.

Fashionable natural makeup 2016: current trends

First and foremost it should be noted that almost all makeup artists in the fashion shows of new collections expressed a preference for natural makeup, which emphasized the natural beauty of the models. In this regard, come back into fashion thick eyebrows and natural, lively glow.Such make-up was seen on the models from the shows of the season spring-summer 2016. To highlight the eyebrows, the makeup artists used a matte shadow semitone-tone darker than the natural color of eyebrows. The choice fell on the carcass of the tools appropriate for the trend towards natural grey and brown mascara.

Popular eyeshadow colors will be: gray, brown, dark green and maroon. To highlight the eyes in the trends of fashion natural makeup 2016, you can use a light pearl shade of light shades. For example, it can be Golden, pearl, yellow and ochre tones.

Trendy eye makeup 2016

In addition to the primary emphasis on broad natural eyebrows, the trend will be and bright eyes. For example, fashionable makeup 2016 version of the fashion house Christian Dior is a bright eyes (of course, we mean evening make-up). Don't be afraid to use shades of bold shades of orange, pink, green, blue. With all this you will never go unnoticed! But remember, bright makeup requires a flawless skin, so don't forget concealer and Foundation. Vivid shades complement the black arrow and paint the lashes with black mascara. In the trend and color of the arrow, including options thin arrows on the lower eyelids and the broad arrow in the cat style. But trendy daytime eye makeup varies from bright shadow feathering to natural shades.

Lip Makeup

The 2016 season will satisfy both lovers of bright colors, and matte, and lovers of the natural color of the lips. Don't be afraid to experiment — red, orange or bright pink shade will highlight your sexuality. If you want to attract the attention of others, it is better to use matte shades of these colors. Among the trending shades of lipsticks also worth noting is the Marsala is the trendy color of the year 2016.