French beauty brand Carita introduced a new line of hair and scalp products - HauteBeauté Professionnelle. A universal care system consists of four stages aimed at solving local problems.

Cream Gommage Vitalissime performs the function of soft scrub, gently acting on the upper layer of the dermis, eliminating micro dust and dead skin cells. A trio of shampoos Source designed for intensive cleansing. Nutritional Volupté to dry skin provides the hair with extra softness, Douceur gentle cleansing milk with cotton seed affects the tresses from root to tip, making them obedient, restoring Reflet creates additional protection for damaged and weakened hair.

Firming serum Caritrix, thanks to a phyto-complex essential oils, stimulates the growth and strength of hair. Soft Satin and balms Baum Baum Lumiere replenishing nutrients penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis. Air cream Caresse – final stage to give hair Shine and grooming.

  Moisturizing ingredients in shampoos and Haute Beauté Professionnelle cream strengthen the curls

  Essential oils of rosemary, juniper and orange in serum Caritrix eliminate skin irritations

  Ceramides, soy proteins and oil extracts - the basis of Baum balms