The offered review is prepared by the stylist of online store of beach clothing and swimwear

The choice of beach attire involves responsibility, weight and knowledge of all the nuances of the product. And the main difficulty lies in the fact that a woman does not acquire a trivial cloth scrap, but a full-fledged wardrobe object, associated with a bright summer mood, new impressions, and a pleasant pastime by the sea. And with a competent selection of the beach attribute, you can not only hide the flaws of the figure, but also focus on its merits, give the woman a sense of her own beauty, uniqueness and confidence.

A distinctive feature of modern beauties - invariably and all-consuming desire to stand out against the background of other girls. This desire is quite traditional and even expected, because people always want to be more successful and beautiful than others, rest is a vivid confirmation of this. Not surprisingly, every woman dreams of an elegant and refined swimsuit.

Under the dictation of fashion

If you consider yourself not an ordinary average woman, but a true connoisseur of originality, quality and style, pay close attention to Italian beach attire. It's about incredibly refined and even refined products, in which there is a gloss, inspiration and love. Many Italian manufacturers produce outfits that visually reduce the proportions of the figure - pulling sets. In such outfits, even the most gorgeous beautiful women look incredibly feminine.

"With the help of spanx can "remove" from 2 to 5 kg of overweight without any discomfort, stiffness in the limbs".

Determine the size

Experts from different countries conducted surveys, which led to the finding that the overwhelming majority of women (about 76%) can not name the exact size of their beach attire, and do not know how to correctly determine it. But after all, each fair sex member wants to look at the views of men exclusively in a favorable light. And in this issue, Italian manufacturers have made a huge step towards the unification of sizes, creating universal outfits that fit most of the girls.

Italian knitwear is numbered in Roman numerals (1-6). If we draw a comparative parallel with the domestic dimensions, we get 40-48 dimensions, respectively. Therefore, if the chest girth does not exceed 83 cm, then you can safely bath a beach dress of 40 size (Italian).

The emphasis on impeccable quality and perfect design

Choosing a swimsuit. potential vacationers should pay attention to the comfortable fit of the product on their own body, because the movements should not be constrained, let alone impeded. Relaxed under the sun's rays and sea breeze, a woman should not be distracted from peace and unity with the surrounding nature. And the Italian designers of swimsuits succeeded not only in terms of the comfort of their products, but also its visual and stylistic perfection.

Acquired over decades of experience allows them to create true works of beach art, which even the ordinary and the unremarkable woman will appear in incredibly beautiful. Italians have always been famous for their skill to appreciate the fair sex, and this is evident even in relation to bathing outfits.

In the online store of swimsuits, both classical products and fashionable styles for those fair sex representatives are on sale, which are always ready for bold experiments and frank solutions. If you decide to pamper yourself with really high-quality and beautiful outfits, take a closer look at the assortment of products from Charmante and Lora Grig.

Like a waving magic wand in the past will be winter and spring, and they will be replaced by a sultry and incredibly charming summer. And to appreciate the carelessness and purity of this time of the year, start preparing for the summer right now!