Ladies of considerable merit, as a rule, prefer the traditional way in choosing a fashionable image: clothes of free cut, dark colors and voluminous draperies. Or, on the contrary, they try to cover up the flaws with deliberately extravagant sets on the brink of a foul. Meanwhile, dresses for full ladies can be stylish without losing functionality. On how to choose the right dress plus size and how to create a stylish image, we will discuss this article. Thank you online store Bugis. who kindly provided the model for this material.

Step one: determine the size of the

Standard size mesh - an indispensable assistant when choosing clothes in the online catalog. But do not forget that the values ​​of the table - the average version for a particular size, does not take into account the type of shape and features of the build. Exemplary measures for miniature and tall ladies with lush forms have some differences.

Measurements are performed only by the tailor's ribbon - "centimeter" - metal and plastic roulettes are able to distort the real proportions beyond recognition. The measurements are recorded on the most prominent points of the body - for the hips and bust, and also along the narrow line of the hypochondrium zone - for the waist. The tape should not sag, curl or dig into the skin. For greater accuracy, it is better to take measurements "on inspiration" and "on exhalation", reducing the values ​​obtained to a common denominator.

The results obtained do not always coincide with the scale of the dimension table - in such cases the "maximum" rule should be followed: the parameter values ​​are always rounded to a larger size. Otherwise, the probability of buying clothes, restricting movement and emphasizing excess weight increases.

The disproportion of the body is another factor that influences the choice of the desired dress. With a noticeable difference between the "top" and "bottom", the right size is the one that freely fits the most convex curves of the figure.

Step two: learning styles

Correctly taken measurements - the first stage on the way to a dream dress. The next task is the competent design of the image. A certain cut of the product not only cleverly conceals the shortcomings, but also allows to demonstrate the existing advantages. Designers recommend making a basic wardrobe in accordance with the type of figure - this approach allows you to always look delicious.

The figure of the "hourglass" with feminine roundness is as if created for elegant dresses. The owners of a proportional X-figure can afford coquettish styles with skirts-godoe or klesh, strict cases, traditional A-shaped models. The main rule is the obligatory accent on the thin waist, showing seductive curves. However, it should be avoided:

  • dresses boxy fit – no waist will destroy the appeal of the X-silhouette and add extra pounds
  • complex models with Drapes – distortion ratios will be deprived of "hourglass" this is their fundamental dignity.

A feature of the A-silhouette is a fragile "top" with a massive "bottom". Therefore, the best choice for the "pear" - a style that allows you to balance the bust and hips. Dresses-gowns or models with an American armhole, a deep V-neck and a cutout with a "boat" opening the shoulders, will perfectly cope with the task. Length also matters - the skirt below the knee will visually adjust the silhouette, shifting the accent from the hips. At the same time, the risk zone includes:

  • dresses-cases - a fitted cut will emphasize the problem zone;
  • products with a baggy top – the extra volume in the bust area eliminates the graceful lines And shapes.

The slender thighs of the Y-silhouette are emphasized by dresses-"cylinders" of dense fabrics or products with flared skirts. Such models will smooth out the disproportion of the physique, recreating the curves of the "hourglass". From classical cases to ladies- "triangles" it is better to refuse, having replaced them with complex styles with basques or draperies on hips. Deep oval or V-neckline is another stylish secret for the Y-shape.

H-silhouette in combination with the magnificent forms requires special attention. For a basic wardrobe is to choose models of dense materials, modeling a figure - cases or dresses of direct cut. Under a categorical prohibition - any thing that emphasizes the problem area - products with a cut-off waist line, vtachnye belts or skirts-flares.

Owner On-line often make the mistake of trying to hide only imperfect abdomen. But well-chosen dress for the figure "Apple", which visually balances proportions, thereby distracting attention from the waist. The right decision – models in Empire style with belt under bust and long skirts made from flowing fabrics. Deep neckline, Maxi length and high slits – accents, also adds On the necessary harmony silhouette.

Step Three: combine and decorate

Color combinations and decor play an important role in the design of wardrobes for full ladies. Those who are interested in creating an impeccable image, stylists are advised to adhere to the key rules.

  1. The rule of contrast. Do not think that a lot of women to be larger, muted colors and monochrome. Any bright shade – not a problem subject to simple axioms: bright and rich tones for a flattering, dark – camouflage flaws. This trick allows you to achieve amazing effect for silhouettes with a noticeable imbalance "pears" and "triangles" creating feminine proportions.
  2. Rule verticals. Deep neckline, pleats and slits on skirts, decorative panels of dense matter, longitudinal designs, fabrics with patterns of vertical lines and diagonals – decorative elements, visually correcting the problem areas of the figure with the extra weight.
  3. The rule of moderation. Massive decor – banned: no belts with extravagant design, catchy applications, large buckles, brooches and bows, voluminous lace and fringe. You should not choose dresses made of shiny fabrics with the addition of lurex or GIMP – these materials can add weight even slim figure. Small scale patterns, elaborate embroidery, neat appliques adorn the neckline, sleeves, bottom of the skirt is the best choice for curvy ladies.
  4. Rule quality. Good-quality fabric for the dress of big size is not a whim but a necessity. Good material has a high density, slightly wrinkled, quickly regaining form, not electrified, does not form creases and bad stretches. Gown jacquard, tweed, wool, smooth suit fabrics – a great choice for the winter season. Model from super soft cotton, natural linen, airy chiffon, and thin Jersey is the best fit for the heat of summer. Translucent guipure and textured knitwear will have to refuse – they do not paint a lush figure.
  5. Rule volume. Contrary to popular belief, baggy styles are not camouflage flaws, but on the contrary – focus on excess weight, "blurring" the clear lines and making a large silhouette in a shapeless stain. Therefore, hoodies, cardigans and oversize sweaters, ponchos and raincoats-"razletayki" is to leave the skinny girls. Seductive shapes, you need to emphasize hard cuts and perfectly sitting on a figure of things.

But the main rule that requires strict adherence is the freedom of self-expression. Ability to trust your own taste and sense of style can help in creating a harmonious and elegant wardrobe.