Exotic Shorthair   (exot) is very popular today. This breed of cats was officially recognized in 1966, it appeared as a result of crossing the American Shorthair cat with Persian. Exotics attract their unusual appearance: they have huge eyes and a flat nose, and their hair looks like plush.

Cats of Exot breed have gained fame of affectionate and tender domestic pets. Exotics are attached to the owners, get along well with people, with other cats, with dogs. Unlike Persian cats, they are inquisitive and cheerful, playful. Their character is complaisant. A cat exot never strives to impose its masters, does not require every second attention to one's person. She behaves very calmly and quietly.

Care for exotic Shorthair cats   practically does not differ from the care of Persians, except that the hair of exotics does not need a daily combing. By the way, exotics even have a nickname in connection with their great similarity with Persian cats - "Persians for lazy masters".

Exotic need to comb only periodically. Use for this is a metal comb. If exotic cat is planned to be transported to exhibitions, then besides combing the cat's fur should also be washed. Experienced breeders advise to bathe exotic cats 2 times a week, starting from the age of 3 months.

Bathing cats exot   - a special process. The fact is that dipping wool exotics with water is not so simple because it is covered with natural grease. Therefore, before lathering the cat's hair with shampoo, you must first degrease the hair. For this purpose, a dishwashing detergent is suitable. After the wool is degreased, it is important to wash the dish remover very carefully.

After bathing exotic, it is very important to dry thoroughly, because his undercoat without additional drying can remain wet for a long time. You can use the dryer to dry the exot hair, direct the air stream should be directed against the growth of the coat. Combing the hair should also be against growth.

Food cats exotics is no different   from that for cats of other breeds. So, exotics can not be given food from the "human" table: smoked meat, sweets, pickles, etc. You can give meat, complex dry feed of high quality. Usually breeders follow the rule "50/50" when feeding exotics: cats of this breed get 50% of natural meat and 50% of ready food per day.

Many owners face problems with the content of the exotics. These problems are connected mainly with diseases of cats: exotics, like Persians, have breathing problems, lacrimation, are often prone to polycystic kidney disease, gingivitis. Cats of Exot breed can also face such a disease as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - this is a common heart disease in cats.

Cat exotic   - The pet is not particularly capricious, it does not require a lot of money for maintenance (if participation in exhibitions is not planned). However, this does not mean that you can not take care of exot at all: do not forget not only to feed and comb your plush pet in time, but also to give him your attention and affection. Then exot with a hundredfold will give you warmth and love!