Rains, winds and dust of city roads - henceforth not a hindrance to an impeccable appearance. Givenchy released a universal decorative collection Les Saisons 2016, designed to create a permanent natural makeup. Star-hit line - powder-bronzer Poudre Bonne Mine in five shimmering shades. Its gel texture forms a puffy veil on the skin, informing a healthy radiance and youthful grooming. Cream powder does not "make heavier" makeup and is almost imperceptible on the face. Cult series Mister Radiant replenished with three novelties - primer, bronzer and rouge. The moisturizing base gently prepares the skin for applying a tone, and the gel with bronzing microspheres provides a gentle satin shine effect. Cream blush with light-reflecting particles are applied as final accents - on the apple cheeks.

Soft pencils-kayaly Couture Khol Waterproof Eyeliner and a volumizing mascara Noire Couture continue the tradition of quality Givenchy flawless waterproof eye makeup. Glitter-Kiss colony Douceur Baume Gloss with convenient applicator allows to apply evenly tone without the aid of a mirror.

  Radiant Powder Poudre Bonne Mine cleverly masks defects and emphasizes the beauty of the natural skin tone

  Magnificent trio: Mister Radiant series - for moisturized and shimmering skin

  Blossoms Kiss Baume Gloss Douceur are represented by two "summer" shades - a gentle pastel-coral and juicy pink-raspberry