Cosmetics Kenzo often tops the list of rating beauty products - the legendary brand manages to combine in one bottle versatility, innovative approach and excellent result. The novelties of Ginger Flower by Kenzo Kenzoki definitely await the same fate - they, as always, must have a summer season for women of fashion who care about the beauty of their skin. Cleansing water is intended for make-up and soft cleansing of the face and décolleté zone. The product contains precious Asian ingredients - plant extract of Shandong ginger flower and citrus concentrate Yuzu. The first - level the tone, matiruet and refreshes the skin, the second - fills the deep layers of the dermis with moisture.

Exfoliating water-exfoliant delicately removes cornified scales and gives a renewed skin a healthy radiance. The water contains lemon extract, which enhances regeneration processes in epidermal cells, as well as ginger oil and licorice elixir, which remove inflammation and irritation. The products of the Ginger Flower series do not require flushing, preparing the skin for the application of nutritious creams and emulsions.

Refreshing ginger extract gives the skin a feeling of coolness and freshness

Ginger Flower products have a soothing and tonic effect

Ginger Flower can be ordered at Kenzo's official website.

Promotional photo of the Ginger Flower series in Kenzo Facebook