Manicure is a reflection of a unique individuality, he must obey not only fashionable trends, but also his own flight of fantasy. This is the opinion of creative director of H \u0026 M Beauty Sary Wallander and confirms her position with the action. Created by her collection of varnish coatings for the autumn decorative ruler consists of fifty actual shades. Persistent lacquers perfectly match with each other, creating new color changes - so that a series of new products can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding fashionistas.

Pastel series H \u0026 M Nail Polish - for fans of classics

But that's not all. In addition to the vast selection of colors, a collection of pleasing variety of textures. In fact, one-color manicure is nice, but too traditional. How about duochrome coatings, metal effect and holography?

Holographic varnishes H \u0026 M

Now the classic autumn palette of emerald green, blueberry blue, wine, bronze and dark chocolate tones can be used to revive the delicate shimmer of mother-of-pearl or Golden highlights delicate glitter. Base and glossy top coating will help keep the saturation and brightness of the manicure.

Promotional photo of H \u0026 M Beauty's autumn line in Instagram brand

Promotion campaign for new H \u0026 M Nail Polish